Author: Nicole Ann Pore

6 Hacks to Claim Great Discounts from an Online Shopping Site Nicole Ann Pore is the one and only WRITER of this exact article. If the same is found in another site without this author bio, it's without proper credits.

It is indeed tempting and magnetizing when you see countless products in an online shopping site. It’s like good products are instantly and easily laid in front of you. There are affordable prices. Some are a bit expensive. Others come in group deals. As an online shopper, you do not just aim to buy what […]

It Runs In the Blood, But It Doesn’t Matter: Avoid Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial discrimination, wherever it exists, has never been a good thing for anyone. You might think that working people must be mature enough to understand that race is not something to laugh or degrade others with, but sadly, even in the workplace of grown-ups and adults, racial discrimination actually can still exist. When people make […]

7 Things to Keep an Eye on to Avoid Getting Scammed via Online Shopping

Nowadays, online shopping has been very popular among consumers. There are numerous sites and social media pages which are mediums of online shopping. Surely, many people have gotten into obtaining products via online shopping because it is more convenient compared to going to malls. Online shopping truly has lots of benefits, however, the greatest risk […]