Author: RaulHarman

How is a Franchise Different from a Partnership

If you don’t want to build a business on your own from scratch, considering a franchise or a partnership might be your best option. Of course, these two notions have their differences and you need to make an educated decision regarding the fact which option will be the best suited for your business branch. Continue […]

What Role Does Life Insurance Play In Financial Planning

Money makes the world go ‘round, both in the professional and private realm, and every individual with long-term financial dreams and goals should tend to meticulous financial planning in order to build a road map towards an affluent future. That said, financial planning is a complex and nuanced process involving many crucial steps and considerations, […]

Time to Switch Car Insurance – 4 Signs to Look Out For

Owning a vehicle has become essential for many people around the world. Whether you use your car for traveling, driving to work or simply for grocery shopping, it means it has become an integral part of your everyday life. That being said, like any other asset, you’d want to protect your car adequately and ensure […]

Best Cybersecurity Practices for E-Commerce

In the midst of the e-commerce revolution, entrepreneurs and business leaders are finding themselves enjoying immense success with their online business ventures, but also dreading the exponentially increasing risks associated with running a digital store. A simple firewall and a dedicated server platform are no longer enough to keep zealous hackers and scammers at bay, […]

How to Do Good Market Research

Advertising is important for growing your brand and reaching a wider audience. However, optimised and targeted advertising can definitely increase your overall results. And in order to know how to optimize your marketing efforts you need to have accurate market data obtained through quality market research. Now, if you are uncertain how to go about […]

5 Pieces of Advice for Starting Your Own Accounting Firm

Everyone needs an accountant, from a work-at-home freelancer rapidly growing their career, start-ups paving the road to a bright future in the field, all the way to the biggest names in the industry. Needless to say, starting an accounting firm can be a lucrative career move, provided that you enter the market with a sound […]

5 Types of Insurance Every Small Business Should Have

When it comes to running a business, there’s no such thing as being too small for insurance to be cost-effective. Still, the cost-efficiency of the insurance is incredibly difficult to calculate. First of all, it’s one of those investments you hope you’ll never get the chance to capitalize on. For instance, even with the insurance […]

IT Orchestration Vs. Automation – What’s the Difference

Even the smallest SMBs can benefit from decreasing the costs of their IT processes and the two most effective ways to do so are the orchestration and automation of your IT. While quite similar, there are some differences between these two and in order to get the most out of them, you must first learn […]