Author: Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh has been a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for the last 12 years. He is managing director of Rishikul Ayurshala, an authentic Ayurveda training institute. The Institute offers Ayurveda courses in Kerala India and Ayurveda cooking classes in kerala India. The institute’s goal is to provide the simplest healing solutions and treatments for multifarious health problems. Apart from the institute management, Manmohan Singh loves to spend time writing, doing photography and traveling.

How Ayurveda Cooking Course Help to Live Healthy Life?

The ancient art of healing science, Ayurveda is the most trusted method to prevent and cure ailments. Likewise, Ayurveda cooking helps to build a healthier being, and with this read, you know about how Ayurveda cooking course helps you to live a life of wellness. “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When […]

Best Panchkarma Treatment Destinations in India

Read the article that lists some of the best destinations for Panchakarma treatment in India. The beauty of Ayurveda covers a broader area and helps people to attain their health goals in the most fascinating way. Panchakarma, the ultimate blend of five Ayurvedic actions mark the most beautiful way of detoxifying and purifying the mind, […]

How Does Ayurveda Help in Your Life?

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5 Excellent Ways to Learn Meditation?

The science of Meditation is rewarding for the mind and body both. Understand the five excellent ways through which you can learn meditation for heightened wellness. The physical asana in yoga is an approach to a robust body. And, the yogic meditation is a step towards the greater well-being of the mind. The meditation is […]

Five Things to Check for Ayurveda Tour in India

If you are planning an Ayurveda Tour in India then make the most of it by considering these important pointers. Ayurveda, the sacred sibling of Yoga, also known as the sacred alternate system of medicine that has been serving humanity since 5000 years has consistently caught the attention of people from all over the globe. […]

Meditation Course – Learn the Art of Better Living

Embark on the journey of the Self and inner-peace through the art of meditation. Learn the purest meditation methods and techniques during meditation courses in India. Meditation is a journey of attaining mental peace and further unfolding the inner layers of the Self. The practices of meditation pacify the mind and help attain a state […]

The Best School for Ayurveda Cooking Course in India

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The Best Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala

Summary: With the rejuvenating therapy of Panchakarma eliminate the vitiated Doshas from your body and restore health. Explore the article and know everything about Panchakarma and its treatment in Kerala. Enrich your mind and body with the goodness of Ayurveda, and let your entire being rejuvenate and detoxify holistically. Ayurveda is an ancient system of […]

Natural Treatment for Weight Loss in Kerala

Summary: Weight gain has various reasons and there are a lot of repercussions of being obese. But with the majestic treatment of Ayurveda, one can shed pounds safely and effectively. Read the article and know about the natural treatment for weight loss in Kerala. A paradisal state of India, Kerala is situated on the Malabar […]