Author: Shwaasaguru

Planning for Yoga Instructor Course in Bangalore

Begin your journey of self-discovery and transformation in the soulful vicinity of India’s ‘Garden City,’ Bangalore. With its harmonious lifestyle, pleasant climate, and charms, Bangalore has borne several yogis and yoginis spreading the light of yoga across the globe. Enroll in highly-revered Bangalore yoga centers to immerse into the world of yogic enlightenment and to […]

The History of Yoga – Where Did Yoga Come From?

In the sacred texts, we find the mentions of the science of union, the Yoga. Originated in the land of India about 5000-years ago, Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘’Yuj” meaning to unite. Traditionally, the system of yoga incorporates the practices of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation that lead to the union of […]

Difference Between Private and Group Classes

Yoga is amazing, irrespective of how and when you practice it. The meaning and benefits of Yoga do not get affected with your Yoga schedule and timings. The nurturing power of the health science is proportional to the intensity at which you embrace it. Whether its private classes or group sessions at the studio, the […]

What are the Key Elements in Building a Successful Yoga Studio?

In the escalating journey of yoga, creating and owning a yoga studio is a dream destination for many. Read on to know the key elements to build a successful yoga studio in a city. The enchanting journey of yoga usually starts with home practice and gradually passes through various levels to ultimately reaching the destination […]

Yoga Studios Offer Many Health Benefits

Summary: Welcome a life of bliss by enrolling in a yoga studio to attain all the benefits of the yogic practice. Explore the article to know the health benefits offered by the yoga studios. The emerging ancient practice of yoga has seen immense growth in its popularity in past few years and is in a […]