Author: sofiacoppol

The Current State of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Mobile app development industry is growing at rapid pace. Both apps, and technologies to develop them, have improved a way more since early days but, there is still a lot of to be done in cross-platform app development. While we have tools that let us build multiple versions of an app with using the single […]

The right approach for an enterprise mobile apps application development

It may seem a big achievement to launch a hundred apps for thousands of employees but as a recent study says – smaller and targeted app strategy might work in better way. It was found in a study conducted by Apperian that successful enterprise mobile app development projects have been those which were small ones, […]

4 Questions you should ask while hiring a mobile app developer

Are you planning to bring in an app for your business and for this particular reason, you are also looking for developers? Many businesses still don’t have their own mobile application development team. They hire outside developers or a development company. But will you want to hire a team just because it ranked on the […]

A business mobile app is the key to unlock the doors to growth

Today, app stores of both iOS and Android hosting a big number of apps. They collectively have more than 4 million applications, and thousands of more are added daily. The most exciting thing about apps is that they have deeper reach in our life and not only do individual users but businesses around the world […]

Can the blockchain technology help online advertisement providers?

The economy of the online world heavily relies on advertisements. If there is no online ad available to the websites / apps for the monetization, there would be no purpose for their existence. So, this is why most of the websites /apps are created and this is how they generate revenue. But, on the other […]