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7 Tips to Make Your Regular Towel Fluffy Like the Hotel Ones Make Your Regular Towel Fluffy

People have numerous wishes and desires, some are big while others are small, some a silly some are intelligent. One such little but important wish for many of us is to use a towel that is of hotel quality. We have always wondered how come the quality of hotel towels are different from the ones […]

6 Classy Bathrobe Styles Every Hotel-Owner Should Know 6 Classy Bathrobe Styles Every Hotel-Owner Should Know

For any hotel-owner, the primary aim is to meet his/her guests’ hotel expectations and make sure their experience is positive and paramount. The guests visiting the hotel must share their experience of staying in your luxury hotel with others; it should be the talking point amongst them for months to come! If this is your […]

Restore the Whiteness of your Towel with these Cleaning tips

Using a white towel can be dangerous at times; not that it can harm you physically but using a white towel has higher chances of getting dirty. Surely you want to preserve the white and pristine appearance of the towel as it was when you purchased from a wholesale towel supplier in UK. But with […]

All you need to know about hotel room comfort

Experience, although intangible, stays with one forever. When it comes to hospitality, only the experience matters. And to enhance your experience, hotels don’t shy away from investing in quality over quantity. It is a huge selling point for them. To attract customers, various marketing techniques and propaganda are used. But the marketing techniques can attract […]