Author: Swing Street Radio

Swing or the big band music offered a relief to the people of the USA during the great depression and World War II. The pulsating music can enthrall people of any age group with hope and positivity. Some of us have grown hearing this music and wanted to have a platform for this music genre. Swing Street Radio is a dedicated music station for the lovers of foot tapping swing music. The program director Craig Roberts possesses a deep and extensive knowledge on the subject. He has an envious collection of more than 15,000 rare records as well as the chartbusters. On tuning in to our station, you could listen to some melodious tracks sung by the legends like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Helen Forrest.

Reviving Ballroom Music in the Digtial Era

During the early years of radio in America, musical performances were broadcast live every evening from ballrooms and night spots in towns and cities everywhere. Radio professionals carried their microphones over to the Big Bands’ live performances and thus the whole nation came to enjoy the music. It was the era of Swing and Big […]

How Jazz Evolved Into A Much Loved Musical Tradition

One of the most popular genres of music, Jazz has its origins in the ragtime and blues music culture. It was developed in the late 19th and early 20th century by the African Americans through imbibing the European harmonic structure with their lively rhythms. In fact, the word ‘Jazz’ means ‘energy’ and ‘spirit’, which epitomizes […]