Author: Syed Mohammad Anwer

5 Advantages of Swimming Pool Shades That Will Persuade You To Install Them

Dubai is hot and there is no second opinion on that. Although, you can keep yourself cool when you are indoors thanks to the air conditioning but what about when you are out doors. Whether you want to park your car or enjoying with friends outdoors in a swimming pool, you are always looking for […]

The Pros and Cons of a Perfect Indian Diabetic Diet

The fact that Indian food is rich in nutrition and taste is a foregone conclusion. There are virtually unlimited number of Indian dishes and the number keeps on growing. According to latest research, Indian food offers all of us a complete healthy lifestyle as it can provide dishes which can be lapped up by one […]

What benefits can a recognized business school bring to your career?

For all those individuals who aspire to become medicine practitioners in future, one of the top concern lies behind the selection of a medical school that is recognized by the authorities and the governing bodies within that country. Since embarking on a journey of medical education requires significant time from your life and some very […]