Author: Manmohan Singh

7 Reasons Why People Love Nepal?

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on the globe. There are various aspects that make it worth traveling to the land. Explore the article to discover the reasons why people love this mountain-engulfed country of Nepal. An exhilarating small country engulfed by the breathtaking snow-clad Himalayan ranges, Nepal is no less than a […]

How to Find the Best Yoga School in Nepal?

The article discusses the idea of finding the best Yoga school in the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Nepal’s marriage to Yoga is quite an epic and mesmerizing story. The giant Himalayan peaks and its spellbinding trails have been enchanting some of the world’s greatest yogis to come and attain the wisdom of Yoga in the […]

Why Should You Go for Yoga Retreat in Nepal?

Travel to the infamous destination of trekking and meditation for a rejuvenating time. Read the article and know why should you sail to Nepal for a yoga vacation. Make your way to the land of sheer magnificence, a place where Rishis find solace and enlightenment. Nepal is the country that is truly sacred and has […]

5 Incredible Things to Do in Nepal

The beautiful small country of Nepal is widely popular for being the land of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest. The country has a lot to offer to its travelers. Get to know the top five incredible things to do here. Nestled between the giant breathtaking Himalayan Mountains and lush green jungles, Nepal is one […]

Tips to Choose Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Yoga retreats is the chance to spend a rejuvenating time in an exotic location. So, for making the experience memorable, this article tells the readers the tips to choose yoga retreat in Nepal. For reviving the body, mind, soul from the repercussions of a fast-paced life, a yoga retreat is an idyllic way to go. […]