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Auto-Scheduler for Employees : Save your Time & Money with Automatic Scheduling

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Are you tired of spending hours on deciding work schedules for your employees? Auto-Scheduler can come to your rescue! Auto scheduling will allow you to hand over the tasks to your employees without getting into the troubles of paper, phone calls and texts. Your employees can get their ideal shift through simple inputs instead of the long uncomfortable process. 

What is Auto-Scheduling?

Auto-scheduling is a simplistic approach of assigning shifts and tasks that integrates all the countless steps into a single process. It reclaims valuable work hours and significant effort that were earlier devoted to creating an ideal work schedule. 

The type and technical approach of auto-scheduling can depend on the scheduling tool. Generally, an automatic scheduling tool works by analyzing inputs of basic information like shift preferences and time-off requests of the employees. It can also account for the workload and pressure alongside essential business elements, such as goals, adjustments, historical data, customer traffic, and other similar insights.


Benefits of auto-scheduling

The dynamic nature of the employment landscape and its significant transformation over the past decades have led to complications like generational gaps and output expectations in the workforce.

Coupled with these problems, creating ideal employee work schedules manually have hit a rougher patch. Hence, auto-scheduling is particularly necessary to compensate for the missing components and to increase the overall efficiency of the business.


Reduces time, reduces cost, and increases profit

When you are using an auto-scheduling tool to prepare effective work schedules for your employees, you are saving lots of time over the manual efforts. It reduces the total time spent on creating schedules by about 80%.

Less manual efforts mean less labour spending and overtime costs. And this, in turn, contributes to the opportunity of increasing profits to a significant level.


Increases work efficiency

Manual scheduling can often lead to over-exploitation of some employees and under-utilization of new employees. This prejudice may also affect the efficiency of the business due to competency questions. Manual efforts may also correspond to frequent errors, and thus poses a risk towards business management and profits.

But with auto-scheduling tools, you can ensure that all your competent employees are getting equal opportunities. It also allows preferential shift assignments that directly affect employee satisfaction. Through this, you are assured of enhanced productivity from your employees that helps in streamlining the business effectively.


Predicts labour demands

By using an auto-scheduler tool, you will be able to leverage various business insights to enhance sales and customer service. Auto-scheduling helps you integrate data points like demand signals of sales, customer foot traffic, etc. and analyzes them to predict future demands. Moreover, it also studies seasonal patterns, customer behaviour, labour demands, employee strengths.

Auto-scheduling tools replace manual guesswork and utilize these data into building schedule structures that enhance the overall performance of your business. 


Fulfils legal compliance

There are certain aspects of predictive scheduling laws that can increase the solidarity of your business. The laws require you to inform your employees about their work schedule beforehand.

This particular aspect enables you to structure the shifts more systematically and helps the employees to work with a stable schedule. It is highly beneficial for both as it enhances employee satisfaction and helps you retain your best employees.

Further, auto-scheduling manages legal compliance on its own and can be optimized for your region of work. It facilitates a healthy and legally compliant relationship between you as an employer and your employees. 


Automatic Scheduling by FieldEZ

FieldEZ offers the best automatic scheduler software in the market that provides its users with spectacular scheduling functionalities at a single place. It allows you to schedule tickets to your employees depending on various preferential criteria on the one hand and offers automatic recommendations on the other.

FieldEZ’s automatic scheduling software is specifically useful to manage the shifts and assignments of field-staff employees at an integrated level.


Features of FieldEZ’s automatic scheduling tool

Planning and Dispatch

FieldEZ's auto-scheduling software not only allows you to plan and schedule field service assignments but also provides you access to the location and workforce placement in real-time.

Through the software, you can check the availability of field staff and track convenient skillsets near the field to assign accordingly. It further prepares an easy dispatch route for optimum efficiency.


Rapid Reallocation

The auto-scheduling software by FieldEZ offers you with an amazing feature that lets you access the location status through a display map.

It provides insights on the assignments and enables you to track the progress and complete work status of your field employees in real-time. It, thus, significantly reduces unnecessary costs of regular inspection and additional time.


Enhanced Growth


FieldEZ's auto-scheduling software helps you to achieve up to 12% of the enhanced field load factor, save 24% of the cost on travel, and receive about 41% of task assignment improvement.

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