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Avoid Doing These! 8 Common Home Decorating Mistakes

Decorating our home is one of the things we love to do. From the colours you choose, the furniture you like, and the accents you prefer to complete your space to give it a perfect look is what everyone loves doing. Decorating is generally about the things that we like and we don't like. 

This is why design is hugely personal. People don't follow a rule and that there's no rule that everyone must follow. Our home is a reflection of our individual personalities, each house is different and unique. With that being said, there are plenty of mistakes that people make, and honestly, can be avoided in the interest of having a great interior. 

If you're interested to know what these mistakes are, we'll share it with you in this article. Here are things you can avoid and what choices you can make instead of them: 

Deciding to Paint First 

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Although paint is in many ways one of the hugest elements of your design, especially when it comes to pure square footage, still it doesn't mean that it must necessarily be the first thing you choose. 

After you've settled on some of your necessary fabric furnishings (pillows, draperies, rugs, upholstery), it's fairly easy to choose a harmonized colour from a fan deck or set of paint chips. Looking for fabrics you really love after already carrying out to a paint scheme is much stronger. 

Choosing a Small Area Rug 

Check if you’re using an area rug that’s too small. Having postage-stamp-size rugs in your home can be one of the most common decorating mistakes. Most furniture pieces should be seated on the rug. If you think this won’t be possible for you, the front legs of more solid items can be placed on the rug with the back two need not be. The four legs of smaller pieces should be on the rug. 

Instantly Purchasing the Furniture Without Measuring 

You may have a difficult time finding the right scale of furniture when it’s sitting on a wide showroom floor. This is the reason why homeowners are most likely to get surprised to discover that the amazing velvet dining chair or coffee table they saw in a showroom looks as if it consumes up the whole room when it’s sitting in their living room. 


To avoid this problem, if you are familiar with what measurements you’re looking for, you can have the cold hard numbers lead you when your eyes might be playing tricks. You may measure or even mark with tape the area available for each crucial piece so that you can determine an appropriate size range. 

Hanging the Chandelier Too High 

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If you hang the chandelier too high, it will be complicated. Your purpose is to light up the room and not the ceiling. Attaching the chandeliers too high will limit the spread of light. Your room will be darker if you limit the spread of light. 

Hanging Artworks Too High

People usually hang art nearer to the ceiling than it should be. Artwork must be hung at about eye-level. This depends on the person since we all have different judgments. However, it’s better to lean on the side of lower rather than higher. 

Shopping in Just One Store

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One-stop shopping has become the outrage nowadays but decorating your entire home or even just one room from the same store tends to result in a much less compelling visual story than taking some time to look and shop around. We recommend that you try boutiques that have various design lines, or online stores that pull out from different manufacturers and brands. In this way, your home will not look like a cookie-cutter even if you have one favourite style or period. Also, you may hire an interior designer to work with you. These experts have access to a vast range of products and custom options. 

Not Making a Bold Decision 

Although nobody likes to spend several days painting over last weekend's mistake, being scared of pursuing a bold and a brave decision can lead to an area that feels boring or displeased. Why not take the risk sometimes? Surely if you pick a dramatic wall background, you may be able to layer over it with light and fresh pieces including a piece of neutral-coloured furniture or white wall art to tame the look until it looks comfortable. So if you eventually get tired of it, you can replace it someday. 

Can't Let Go of Old Stuff 

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You may think that it can be hard to get rid of clutter, but it's actually more difficult to get rid of bad design memories. But the reason that you've survived through an awful trend shouldn't hold you off a lovely idea forever. For instance, if you've turned off by the dazzling golden fixtures from decades past, you may have your mind open to the matte brass fixtures that are stylish today. 


Living through an ugly wallpaper or an awful tone of paint doesn't mean that you may depart from a powerful decor tool behind continually. With the help of today's technology, you have greater options, and you have so many amazing resources available to help you prevent from making a mistake sooner.

Ivandrea Ollero is a content writer who researches and write custom content about home improvements, travel, fashion, and beauty. She graduated from St. Scholastica's College, Manila, with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. Ivandrea provides helpful tips and hacks on various topics for her readers.
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