Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Every Sleeping Space


Tired of the same old boring looking bedroom? Thinking of changing the look of the room but not willing to spend a drastic amount of money? A bedroom accent wall is the best option to spruce up the room and gives it a completely new look and it will stay well within your budget. 

There are different kinds of bedroom feature walls that you can go for. Let’s explore the ones that are currently in trend: 

Two-Tone Bedroom Feature Wall: 

You can choose complimenting or two contrasting colors and pair them in a pretty pattern for the bedroom accent wall. For example, powder pink and pale cream make a great combination for a delicate looking bedroom. The light colors can make the room look bigger and wider and soothe your eyes after a long tiring day. 


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Murals are a great option for a bedroom feature wall if the bedroom is for kids or even adults. You can bring in beautiful delicate patterns like flowers and branches for an adult’s bedroom or for kids, you can go for bunnies or a forest full of furry little animals. Murals add a strong character and color to the room. 

Grass Cloth: 

You can add a special kind of material to the bedroom accent wall. This is called grass cloth and it has a grass-like texture that adds a certain kind of depth and looks to the room. These usually look very nice in darker colors like green and charcoal. These dark colors set the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Wall Decals for Bedroom Accent Wall: 

Wall decals come in different patterns and shapes of your choice which you can then place on the wall in the design of your choice. You can paint the wall a matching color and then add the decals for a final touch. Decals are very affordable, and they give off a very fine look, so they are the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget. 

3D Tiles: 

Use 3D tiles to cover up the wall behind the bed. These are simple, no fuss, and easily maintained, and can give the room an instant lift. If you are on a tight budget and need a permanent look change for your bedroom that doesn’t take up too much money and also gives the room a regal look, then this is it.
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3D tiles of all kinds are your best bet for a changing room. 

Remember, that a  dash of paint or a simple decal decor can completely change the look of your room. You will have to make some small changes to have the curtains and the sheets matching your walls so keep these things in mind when deciding on colors.

You might want to do an inventory of the curtains and the sheet sets you have to see which colors can go with the existing things. This way, you won’t have to invest in new fabric just because you are changing the bedroom feature wall. If you have the budget, then go ahead and re-organize the room around the new colors and accents on the wall.