Ayurveda as an Ultimate Wellness Solution


The equilibrium between the mind, body, and soul affects the working of the three doshas. The doshas of the human body help in healing the physical, emotional and spiritual frame of mind. This proves that Ayurveda is more of a comprehensive program enhancing overall health. The Ayurveda training in India focuses on a myriad of benefits such as weight loss, anti-aging, rejuvenation, detox, mental disorders etc. A few of the aids of Ayurveda are mentioned below:

  1. Soothes stress: Stress being the root of all major and minor diseases or illness. If you have started experiencing stress, you must try ayurvedic treatments. The treatment involves massages using medicated oils and herbs. Pouring warm medicated oil on the mind or body soothes stress and relaxes muscles of the body. It also improves the state of mind and balances the mind and body.
  2. Detoxes the body: The therapies in Ayurveda detox the body. Strokes made during therapy cleanse the three doshas out of the tissues, digestive system, and nervous system. In women, it also cures pre-menstrual syndrome and any other menstrual disorders.
  3. Advances immunity: The intake of ayurvedic medicines combined with therapies increases the hunger which toughens the body’s immunity. The increased immune system of the body helps in fighting diseases, the infectious bacteria and virus in the environment and inside the body.
  4. Holistic healing: The medicinal herbs and oils used in treatments and therapies are believed to relieve the body from physical, mental and spiritual aches. Moreover, it acts on the root cause of the problem and cures it completely.

Though there are ample ayurvedic treatments that will help you achieve these benefits, here are a few treatments followed by Ayurveda training in India that you definitely want to consider:

  • Sirovasthi: This treatment involves pouring of medicated oils over the head for a period of time in a leather cap around the head. The oil is kept there for around 30 to 45 minutes. This treatment helps in healing psychosomatic stress, deafness, eye-related issues, insomnia, diseases that affect cranial nerves, facial paralysis, rheumatic diseases etc.
  • Abhyangam: This is more of a body massage with hot medicated and herbal oils. The massage done with hot oil stimulates the three doshas for the healing process of the body. Ayurveda believes that the use of medicated oil on the body regularly releases body aches and fluid accumulation. Moreover, it cures stiffness in the joints, spondylosis, spondylitis, injuries, frozen shoulders, and even back pain.
  • Patra Potliswedana: As per Ayurveda, swedana or swelling is an effective way to heal illnesses such as arthritis, paralysis, chronic back pain, swelling in the joints and even emaciation of the limbs. Apart from these, it also aids the nervous and muscular system, increases the circulation of blood and the metabolic rate and also enhances the beauty of the skin.
  • Pindaswedam: This treatment involves body scrub which induces perspiration. The scrub is followed by a rejuvenating bath. This comprehensive therapy helps to treat muscular pain, weakness, paralysis, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This treatment also boosts muscle strength, helps in purification of blood and treats some other skin diseases too.

Although the benefits of the ayurvedic treatments mentioned above are just an example. You will find a whole lot of these if you plan for your Ayurveda training in India. If you do not wish to go for a holistic program you may also choose from other programs such as Ayurveda cooking courses in India, beauty treatments etc.