Azure certifications and roadmap.


Microsoft Azure first came into the picture in 2012 and since then it has had an incredible growth and is now the world’s largest cloud provider. And average Microsoft Azure professional on a heavy amount of salary and the job role is in high demand right now. And because it is tremendously increasing in the market, there are many people who want to get into the role. So in this article it will basically be discussed about how you are going to kick start your Azure cloud career and about Azure certification training.

Why is Microsoft Azure so popular?

We already know that Microsoft Azure is growing at an incredibly fast pace. But what makes it so special that it is becoming one of the leaders in the cloud domain market?

Firstly the tools and features provided by Azure is like none other and it offers all the services needed in the industry and more. Also Microsoft Azure is compatible with many programming languages which is a great bonus in itself.

No other software comes even close to Microsoft Azure in terms of security and data protection.
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And when it comes to multinational companies or any big one, data protection is a major requirement. If the data of the company leaks and falls into the wrong hands, it may cause a huge problem. The hybrid cloud features of Microsoft Azure is excellent and the app development and testing environment is integrated and perfect.


Starting with Azure certification.

The first step for going with the Azure certification examination and preparing for it is to know which certification course is the correct one for you. There are lots of industry certification and examinations out there to choose from but you have to take the one which will suit your profile the best.

Available certifications.

If you want to go for Microsoft certification, you will be able to apply for different technical job roles. But to attain each of these certification, you have to pass a series of examinations. The Microsoft certifications are divided into three levels namely fundamental, associate, and expert.

The fundamentals certification is for individuals who have just started in this technology field or and are thinking about establishing a career. The associate certification are for people who already have to use of working experience in this field. The expert certifications are for those who have two to five years of experience in this technical field.

Details about the examination and Microsoft Azure certification training.

Here are the examinations that you have to pass according to the different levels.

Fundamentals-  for this level you have to pass the AZ-900 exam.

Associate-  for this level you can pass either AZ-103 exam or AZ-203 or AI-700.   The last option is that you have to pass DP-100, DP-200 and DP-201 exams.

Expert-  for this you have to pass AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams back to back or you have to pass the AZ-400 exam.

As of May 2020, there are 11 certifications that are available for Microsoft Azure. And here they are.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure fundamentals.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure administrator.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure developer.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure AI engineer associate.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure data engineer associate.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure security engineer.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure data scientist.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure solutions architect.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure DevOps engineer.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure for SAP workloads.

Ø  Microsoft certified Azure iot developer.

After you are sure regarding which exam you want to appear for and which certification to go for, the next step is to be thorough with the exam pattern. If you research on the exam format and the types of questions that are asked, it will help you a great deal and will help you score the maximum.

How to train for Microsoft Azure exams?

You will find many websites online which can provide you courses to get a proper insight on Azure. You can also use the medium of standard Microsoft official curriculum for Microsoft official courses on demand to start with the basics required for the exam. Online video classes and instructor-led classes are also available to get training on Microsoft Azure.


Right now Microsoft Azure certification is at the top of the cloud domain and is very essential on multiple levels.

Microsoft Virtual Academy is another medium through which you can train yourself for the exam. Microsoft also releases some discount courses time to time where you can get access to the library of all the online courses regarding Microsoft certified professional exams.

So if you want to get into this domain, it is best to start researching on it and get some hands on experience in Microsoft Azure by taking help of the Azure certification training preparation sites which will help to build and enhance your skills.