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B1 Test Booking Online Birmingham | Home Office Tests

Whenever you try to get citizenship in Europe or get the Visa of any country, you will require B1 test booking because this is the test that everyone has to pass before reaching the nationality or citizenship in Europe’s any country. In the UK, different companies are taking the criteria of the people and providing them with the certificates to live.

There are three types of first test A1, A2, and B1.  These are the tests under (CEFR) which stand for Common European Framework of Reference. If a person passes any of these tests, he becomes eligible to live in the UK, as mentioned in the purpose of the test. We can briefly discuss these three types of analysis and why people give these tests. But before that, our topic is the booking of the test. The testing companies provide online booking of these test, and then they mention the testing centre. The place of the test is up to you that you feel more convenient and comfortable to reach on time. There are usually 10 to 12 test centres in the UK that the testing companies suggest out of which the people have to choose one.

After selecting the test centre, you can get the test token online and reach the test centre on the exact time and date, which is mentioned in the symbol or slip. The testing time is about 7 to 10 minutes after that; the company provides the result on the same day. The certificate of the test takes about a week, which is a very reasonable time.

B1 English test booking

If you are engrossed in gaining citizenship in the UK, you can book the B1 test because it is necessary for citizenry in the UK. It is a 10 minutes test in which they check only speaking and listening to the English language. The result of B1 usually comes within the same day and its effect in a week. This test is generally for those people that want to settle in the UK or want citizenship for an indefinite period. They allow only those people to get citizenship that is eligible to listen and speak English very well.

Because without it, a person cannot survive in England, mainly where everyone uses to speak and write English. You can also get the preparation material for the test from the website of the same company that is booking your test. There would be a specific fee for the proof that you would have to pay while booking the test and then you would be able to sit in the test centre.

A1 test further leave to remain

This is the second essential and common type of tests under CEFR. This test is taken for leave to continue when a person needs some time to be in the UK for a specific time. It is required when you have an emergency and have to be there for some additional time after expiring the visa. So it is the extension of the Visa time due to any specific reason. After passing this test, you can leave to remain in the UK. This test is the determination of your progress in English after the grade 1 exam. They check how much the person is eligible to learn and progress here if they allow additional time to remain here.

The time of the A1 test is 6 minutes as usual, and its result also comes within the same day. The certificate comes after a week, which is a reasonable time for this kind of documents. The preparation for this test is also given on the website of the company where you are booking your A1 test.

A2 test further leave to remain

A2 test is the last test that you have to give in the UK in case you need to stay in the United Kingdom two and a half year after the A1 test. This is a Grade 3 exam which is to get the certificate to live five years or more in the UK. In this test, the testing company assess how much you have developed your English learning and speaking. This is quite a tough test as compared to the B1 and A1 test. The booking of the A2 test is similar to the B1 test booking Online Sharings.

This is the final test in the GCSE exams that the European Union takes in the initial stages of the foreigners in Europe. After passing this test, it would mean that you have reached at the A2.1 in the CERP. This test is 7 minutes long, and the result and certificate times are the same as of the previous ones.

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