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In modern times, online marketing is all the rage these days as people want everything in a minute. B2B Portal is a well-maintained business directory with detailed information from a wide range of trading companies in different categories. Companies can be distinguished by product category, zone, activity or size. Several leading business directories have compiled a long list of various manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, distributors and service providers. B2B portals create business for many small and large companies. Once you are registered in the business directory, you will receive questions about the import-export activity. The information available in business directories can vary in several ways. In the online marketplace, portals contain the organization's name, address, phone number, location, categorized products and services. You will also find other sections for user reviews, comments and feedback.

1.) only sold out

This is a site where customers can not only publish their products and company profiles for free (up to 58 products), but also directly access data for thousands of other search engines, e.g. B. Google, Yahoo and more. They provide FREE high quality B2B services to all law firms and individuals worldwide.

2.) Alibaba

It is one of the largest B2B portals in the world; You can publish up to 50 of your products for FREE. The data is not accessible to other search engines as it is only available to alibaba.com customers. They are recognized as a global leader in e-commerce for small and large businesses.

3.) Made in China

It is the perfect place to find OEM companies in China. The data in this portal is not available to other search engines. It is a well-developed portal operated by Focus Technology, a pioneer of China-made electronics. Due to China's export growth, Focus Technology launched Made-in-China.com the internet platform.

4.) World Trade Fair

Eworldtradefair.com is a fast growing B2B portal that has recruited trade organizations around the world. It is one of the online intermediaries between buyers and sellers that runs their business perfectly in the online market. It helps companies find business by creating business for them. This includes all manufacturers, exporters, importers and suppliers at many levels, be they the largest or the smallest companies in the world. The goal is to grow your business quickly in a highly competitive market and help you establish business contacts when you need them most. The online business process is an improved practice that allows various industries to find and connect with established business partners to generate their business profits more efficiently. They try to speed up the process of different industries finding their potential business partners and avoid excessive marketing costs.


5.) India Mart

Indiamart.com is founded in India, more than 50% of its customers are based in India. It is the perfect shopping place for online customers. Indiamart.com is one of the largest B2B portals with over 300,000 exporters and importers worldwide. They own and operate a well-known B2B marketplace in India that attracts targeted business visitors.

6.) Global Purchasing


Globalsources.com is a B2B portal that manages a huge Asian database; It is the ideal platform to find your customers or potential business partners from Asia. Global Sources is one of the largest B2B media companies and one of the largest brokers in trading with China. It creates, maintains and distributes information in the right places in the right format.

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