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Baby Floor Mats Buying Guide

When you are going to buy a playmat for baby, there are few things to consider. Choosing a floor mat for your baby is the best way to give them some quality time to spend. There are many great options to choose from on My Mom Shops. They all fit our criteria we have below too as they only review the best baby products they got their hands on.

Comfort and safety

When you are buying the mat for your kid, check out the comfort matter first. It should be very comfortable so that your baby will be safe. Look for the mat with extra soft cushioning so that your kid may get comfort and safety both if they rolled down. A cushioned mat will save your child from cold too.

Easy to clean

When you are buying a floor mat for your baby, it is better to look for a water-resistant one. So that the mat will soak the water and mat will dry soon. You can buy the one that easy to clean. You can buy the rubber one to serve the purpose.

Good in quality

As per your budget, the weather of your area, you need to pick the right material. There are fabric mats, rubber mats, rattan ones, etc. You can choose the one that fits your budget best and will give your children needed support and safety. 

To give your baby a fun time or educational tool, you can buy the one featuring numbers or alphabets.

How long do babies play with activity mats?

Most of the baby floor mats are a soft and comfortable option for babies. As they are soft, you can start letting the kid get accustomed or comfortable with a one. After two months or six weeks, they will be ready to spend time on the mat.

As they are used to with the playtime, you can increase their playtime on the mat. First, start by a few minutes on the mat as tummy time and then you can give them a few hours of satisfaction on the mat. As the child grows up and becomes much more comfortable, you can gradually increase their playtime.

You can give them two or three sessions on the mat for a few minutes each. From fifteen minutes of a few hours, the time will increase with the satisfaction level of the kids.

Some parents discourage letting their babies sleeping on the floor as the moisture from the floor can seep into their bodies.

They feel it can cause rheumatism or arthritis later on. But as per the modern research, there is really no reason why you shouldn't your baby sleep on the floor so long as you need to create the right sleep environment for him. A thick floor mat is just the right place to give your child sleeping time. You can give the children thirty minutes each day.

When should I use a tummy time mat?

Many of the babies just don’t like the tummy time because it limits them to how much they can move around. Tummy time though is surely one of the most important parts of their development as it exercises the muscles.

tummy time mat

It will help them eventually to crawl. So basically, while tummy time limits their mobility now, it will lead them to be more mobile later. You can introduce the floor mat to give them a comfortable yet interesting tummy time.

You can start giving them a tummy time from two months. Giving tummy mat means you are introducing a little world to them, more color and freedom. According to the research, feeding on tummy mats can improve the overall health of the babies.  It can help the little one accept their positions in a natural way.

They feel comfortable too. For the crawlers, a play mat is the best option to create fun tummy time. So, you can introduce the tummy mat as soon as possible and can increase the faster development of your child.

Some parents even introduce the tummy mat just after the birth of a baby. But for a kid, this is really an interesting option to enjoy their tummy time.

Are EVA foam mats safe for babies?

Chemicals are everywhere now and even there are many baby toys available today that made of EVA foam. EVA foam is actually a safe material as per the research. There are surely some components for the exposure of formamide, the risks associated with it are negligible. 

EVA foam is actually a soft, rubbery material. There are many toys and other kid’s products that are made of EVA foam. This is a soft grip and impact-absorbing material. They are super soft and comfortable for the kids. This is enough strong to withstand the spills, hard play, jump, crawl, jump, etc that usually obvious with the kids.

It is also a shock-absorbent material that saves the child when they are jumping, tumbling or playing on the mat. As per the regular research, EVA foam mats are safe for the babies. When you are buying the EVA foam kid’s mat, check that the products have passed the safety standard of the govt. regulatory agencies and doctors. It should come with a safety seal.

It is a safe alternative to chemically imposed plastic materials as it does not need plasticizers to design it. It is quite a stable material too. This material is not a toxic one and does not release any harmful component.

When can a baby use a play gym?

When you are baby is crawling on the floor, it is good to introduce a play gym to them. There are several times when you use the play gym to give your child a fun time. When the parents are busy at home and want to keep the baby safe, play gym can be used. Play gym is the best option to give your child a happy, interesting and fun tummy time.

When you are feeding your baby, use the play gym. They are colorful, comfortable and mostly come with some interacting designs. They are just right for your kid’s tummy time. You can use the gym when you are introducing the basics of education.

Most of the play gym comes with pictures of flowers, animals, alphabets, and numbers. This is a fun way for the little ones to learn the basics. Baby play gyms have always been appreciated by mothers.

 They can see how much fun their babies are having while they are growing up. You can introduce it as your child is two or three months old and they are best for the crawlers too. As the child is three years old, he/she will learn to sit up and crawl and they will have a good grasp. During the time, you can give your child a play gym.

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