Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Bad Design Is The Smoke, Good Design Is A Mirror

When we look at the specimens of bad designs alongside the opposite i.e. good design there are several lessons to be learnt there. Bad design is indeed like the smoke which distorts everything, while good design is like a mirror in which you can see reflections of what you need to see. A good design also brings much more clarity and is transparent, while bad design dampens the overall effect that needs to be achieved. This brings us to understand that, the designers must avoid pitfalls and enable us to realize that, good design only becomes obvious when it’s done poorly.

Here are some of the ways that designers may end up making a bad design but must avoid a bad design at all costs and create good designs to their utmost:

  • Cluttering:

A professional website design has a simplified but impeccable value statement, a captivating background, accompanied by a robust call to action. Homepages must be built around the intent, of providing the businesses’ most beneficial or significant information in the most visually attractive manner possible. However, when too many items have been cluttered in a single, small space that objective cannot be achieved and increases the chances of the user leaving the web-page in hopes of finding better quality elsewhere, since poor web design makes you look bad and sends the message that you don’t have much focus on quality.

  • Poor Content:

A company blog that hosts actionable content is pertinent not just for   upholding the businesses’ reputation but for giving necessary details in an attractive manner. However, if the company blog is nonexistent or lacks regular updating by the content managers, this can only be attributed to smoke. This can also be a problem if the blog is not providing useful information or information that might be wanted by the users. Moreover, if the content doesn’t contain necessary formatting and is given in the simple most manner, it doesn’t leave a good impression either.

  • Flashy Animation:

Animations can go a long way in achieving a core professional objective, resulting in the sophisticated or technologically superior impression of the business, if the nature of services being provided is such, however they come off as unnecessary distractions or gimmicks if not used properly. Too much animation whereby you end up overdoing it, results in slowing down the website, causing much irritation and incontinence to potential customers. According to research, 40% of the users navigate away from websites, when they take too much time to load, in which case all the effort for flashy animation goes down the drain.

  • Unpleasant Color Scheme:

In some cases, web design and Custom Logo Makers is turned into mix color palette adding numerous colors at the same time, rather than sticking to a combination of a few select ones, ending up smudging the text which becomes unreadable for the website user. The use of color properly and effectively is crucial to create a nice atmosphere that looks good, while not clashing with the written text.

In today’s dynamic world, that has become all too dependent on technology and its related applications, web design is far more than a symbol of technical expertise. The various aspects of web design including its usability, visibility, appearance and the content it displays can have a deep impact on a businesses’ overall outlook or impact it desires to make, which is why good design is a mirror offering reflection to the viewers, making them stay while bad design is like the smoke which drives them away, resulting in them opting not to visit again.

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter
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