Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Baju Sedondon Kidswear, The mini-me dressing trend

Being able to don the miniature version of your clothing with your kids is probably one of the fun parts of parent hoods. It is not only the creative way to showcase the family bond, but it also creates the opportunity to strengthen the ties. Locally, the up and rising trend has been a must for most households especially during festivities, creating an adorable sight whenever the celebration rolls on. The colored theme fashion is one of the things we look forward to every year. Sedondon as we may call it, provide an emotional component to the celebration.

1. All about comfort

Comfortable is one of the utmost priorities in choosing the attire for the kids, the baju sedondon kidswear collection is tailored in the latest design and brings comfort to the kids, so you can twin with your kids in style. The twinning fashion is not something new as it goes way back to the 1960s. Historically, it started as the women would use the same material to make the attire for themselves and their children. It has grown in and out of fashion for the last few decades and brings the best out of especially the mother-daughter relationship.

2. International trend

This trend was later picked up by the affluent international fashion lines and created into a different set of couture outfits. Some of the high-end brands even go the extra mile by creating head-to-toe matching prints and accessories. Therefore, most local brands invest more in this fad to encapsulate the ideas of our tradition and keep up with the international standards. We made it easier for families to choose the different range for every member in just one click away.

3. The OOTD evolution

The growth of social media also makes the mini-me dressing trend a lot more fun. Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali celebrations have evolved into more than just celebrations, thanks to the OOTD game. Our timeline and photo grids will be filled with colorful choices and different designs, each and every year. One of the most anticipated photos will definitely be the color-coordinated photos of the family, showing the twinning images of the mother and the daughter, the father, and the son, and ultimately, the whole family. Wearing the baju sedondonkidswearis not only going to create a cute and perfect image of the family but also will be one of the most memorable parts of the celebration.

4. Your parenthood experience

With the wide range of choices offered by the local designers that allow you to depict the mini-me trend, parents should savor every minute of this as part of their children’s growing up phase. Your children would not stay little forever, therefore you will have to seize every opportunity for you to capture beautiful moments of the family together. Allow the baju sedondonkidswear to be part of your parenthood experience!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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