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Bangalorites Now Plan your Kid’s 1st Birth Anniversary with these Celebratory Ideas


It is your little munchkin’s 1st birthday and you want to make it special just like any other parent, but wondering how? Well, if it so then you have landed at the right place and we would like to help you with the best arrangements that you can make for that bday bash. We share some tips on how to make the birthday special for your little one, also how to choose a cake that is healthy for your kid. Stay tuned!

  • A Theme Party- This is very much trending and is also a new way to bring out the creative heads in your contact to come out. Plan your kid’s theme party on themes like Animal Planet, Fancy Dress, Princess Island, Rockstar ids and more. All these themes are different from each other and are quite interesting to execute. Believe us you would have the cutest guests at your place if you go for a theme party.
  • The Perfect Cake- Well, it is important to make one thing clear in our mind i.e. no 1yr old would ever eat cake, in fact, a single bite of it. So, keeping the same in mind order a cake that you think would be liked by everyone including the Lil guests that you have invited to the party. Go for a subtle flavor that no kid can deny and cry for.
  • The Perfect Design- Now, obviously your kid would not ask you for a fairy cake or a car cake but come on, we would have the cake’s picture for your kid's memory. So choose the cutest design, be a tie & bow cake for your little gentleman or a pretty princess/ doll for your lil doll. Choose wisely or if in confusion, go for a unicorn design that has a neutral gender and can be ordered for both boys and girls.
  • Return with Love- This is not a common thing but it would be once you take this step. Plan for some small return gifts for your lil guests and bid them goodbye with happy faces. You can go something handmade like a small potli of some natural fruit candies or you can go for a basket full of healthy sweets, some stationary, a color book and a thank you card. Go for what suits you the best.

These were some of the ideas that we would like to share with you all. Choose for yourself and avail of online cake delivery in Bangalore, real quick to meet the last minute hustle. Celebrate your kid’s 1st birthday just like your parents did yours, with full joy and enthusiasm. Do not forget to cherish these moments as soon when your kid would be a grown-up, he/she would not be around that much. So live these moments with them, now.

In case you are not having a big party, it is just you and a few of your close friends you can also choose to bake a cake. This would help you to make a cake a bit healthier. Choose ingredients of your choice like you can go for multigrain flour instead of maida, add nuts, raisins, almonds, and other healthy ingredients. Make an all healthy cake for everyone at the party and get appreciated for your thoughts.

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