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Basic Checklist to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying

Buying a car is always a special moment in anybody's life, be it used or new. Buying a used car with the help of carantee includes a step to step guide to inspect the vehicle’s driving condition and durability. This will protect you from regret of buying a damaged vehicle and also unwanted bills of frequent repairs. 

Here is a detailed checklist that will help you to inspect a used car in detail.




Have a closer look at the car exterior. Check for dents and scratches, dodgy paint marks, gaps between door and fender panels that may be suspected of poor repairing. Also, check for damage in doors, hood and trunk of car and any unwanted noise coming from improper bolting, inspect rubber seal around the doors and windows of any wear and tear.




Damage or scratch on the windscreen or other glass panel will worsen with time and may require expensive repair later. So proper inspection of damage on glass panes should be checked prior to buying to avoid unwanted hassle. Nobody wants something that has been purchased recently to be scratched or broken.




Suspensions of the car are subjected to maximum wear and tear. While inspecting the car check for any sag or slump in suspension. Also, make sure to push down corners of the car and see if the car rebounds back or not. If the car continues to vibrate, this indicates damage if shock absorbers and car condition is not suitable for extended use.




Check the condition of headlight in both high and low beans, tail lamps, brake lamps and fog lamps as basic checkpoints while inspecting exterior. Make sure tires are of the same size, their wear and tear condition should be checked. Tyre conditions are usually a measure of quality of driving of previous owners and should be checked carefully.




The most important and significant quality check and inspection includes the engine of the car. Check all fluid tanks for leaks, the hoses for the radiators should be soft, the coolant should not be dirty and brown and all other technicalities should be properly checked before buying.




The basic checkpoints within the car include, switching on air conditioner for checking air blow, check odometer reading, switching on ignition, check for warning light on dashboard panel and more. All other accessories such as parking sensors and cameras also need to be checked.




Final but most importantly before investing in a good vehicle, take the car for a test drive. During the drive, check brake efficiency and gear shifting mechanism. Check for pedal vibration and any strange noises. And finally if your terms are met, go for the deal. A test drive also helps you in getting the feel of the vehicle.




Check the insurance and loan documents of the vehicle. Pink slip inspection of the vehicle is essential to know more about the vehicle in the past. It is essential to help know whether it is safe and ready for use on the road.


It is absolutely necessary to inspect a used car in an elaborate manner to avoid nuisance in future.

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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