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Basic Tennis Shoes for Beginners

We are here today to answer some general queries newbie tennis players may have as they plan to initiate their training sessions. We also feature a few jaw-dropping basic tennis shoes for men and women.

Why are basic tennis shoes apt for beginners?

When you are introducing your kids to a new game, proper accessories matter the most. In the case of tennis, proper shoes matter as much as racquets or balls do. They are the ultimate game-changers. Often we do not pay much heed to these aspects while buying these for our kids. But these are the foundational years. So basic tennis shoes for beginners should not be ignored. Tennis is about agility and sharp reflexes. It's about your balance and strength. It’s an all-round exercise. And you are literally on your toes. So, it can’t be just another shoe. Agile and sturdy, sufficiently cushioned yet lightweight and having the right grip. Elements that can’t be missed.

Beginner’s needs would be different from those of experienced players. Lighter shoes, that are more delicate than professional tennis shoes, would help in the initial days. It wouldn’t be a great idea to hurt yourselves right through training. How long can you be away from the court?

Where to buy affordable tennis shoes?

You can choose from a range of basic tennis shoes available in online stores like Amazon. But the challenge we face is how to decide which one to pick. That’s where we want to help with a ready made list of best shoes that you can pick.

3 Basic Tennis Shoes for Men 


Here are three basic tennis shoes for men we think would bowl you over.

1. New Balance Men's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

Its unique features are its C-CAP midsole and the unique ABZORB cushioning system. What’s more, its herringbone-patterned outsole holds your grip even while you slide to reach the more difficult shots. You won’t feel the least soreness if you are able to get hold of these basic shoes before starting training. Also, the Lightning Dry Liner keeps the feet dry throughout long match hours. It's too snug on the length bit, though.

2. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Mens Tennis Shoe - Magnet/Black/Orange

The Rush Pro 2.5 is a good basic level shoe to develop your skills with. It’s lightweight and breathable, with a lace-up closure for the convenience of beginners. Its Pro Torque Chassis midfoot shank protects the feet from sudden twists. ADditionally, this shoe comes with a removable textile footbed. A major drawback, though, is it comes in limited shades only.

3. Adidas Men's Adizero Ubersonic 2 Tennis Shoe

Adidas tennis shoes are something all beginners should look for. These Ubersonic shoes are ultra lightweight and sturdy at the same time. And super responsive too. Perfect for beginners. What adds to its lightness is a spring frame construction coupled with a midfoot webbing. If you try these from day one, no one can stop you from being an Adidas fan! These, however, are not much suited for wide-footed players.

3 Basic Tennis Shoes for Women

Here are three popular tennis shoes for women you can’t take your eyes off.

1. New Balance Women's 996 V3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

These New Balance shoes have nylon-infused upper for the beginners’ convenience. What you would look forward to in these women’s basic tennis shoes is its ankle support and stability, backed by the ProBank support system. Perfect ventilation prevents excessive feet sweating during the most nerve-wracking matches as well. Add to it, the full-length Ndurance rubber outsole, which prevents slips and falls on all types of court. There have been complaints about a stiff upper, though, for this one.

2. RomenSi Womens Memory Foam Slip on Walking Shoes Tennis Running Sneakers (US5.5-10 B(M)

Comfortable and eye-catching, the slip-on design of these shoes makes them more popular with women players. The Memory Foam design with the breathable and lightweight upper fabric makes it comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. The latest edition comes with extra shoelaces to adjust tightness and bring about a customized fit for players. As it comes in a snug fit, we suggest you order a size upper, if you are planning to book these.

3. B BEASUR Air Shoes for Women Athletic Sports Workout Gym Tennis Running Sneakers (Size 5.5-10)

Added attraction of these basic tennis shoes for women is their skin-friendly fabric. Moreover, the anti-slip rubber outsole is wear-resistant and guards the players from on-court injuries. You can use them for off-court activities too, be it walking, jogging, running or traveling. Again, these shoes are not made for players with wide feet. Standing or working in these for long hours can be much of a discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should basic tennis shoes be tight or loose?

Good basic tennis shoes should neither be too loose nor too tight. They should be just the right size to fit you perfectly. Though usually tennis shoes have a snugger fit than normal shoes, they must not be too tight to cause you discomfort during matches. It might rub against your feet to cause soreness. Also, in too loose shoes, your feet would move around as you run around the court. That way, you may lose your balance on the court. Either way, it’s not a good idea to wear too loose or too tight tennis shoes.

What are omni-court shoes?

The make of omni-court shoes makes them suitable for both artificial grass courts and hard courts too. Good choices of omni-court tennis shoes are Saucony Men's Omni 19 or the Saucony Omni ISO Women's.


Better choose your tennis accessories with care. Be it racquets, balls, or basic tennis shoes. Compromising on these can have serious implications in terms of your health and badly impact your match-winning skills.

With a pool of options around, choosing a good basic shoe shouldn’t be much of a problem. In case of any issues, do not forget to get in touch with me. Let me know your pick of the best basic tennis shoe for beginners. I would love to review your choice if it isn't in my list already.

Own the best basic tennis shoe and smash it in your training sessions!

I'm not going to fail, a valuable lesson has been learned even in defeat, and it's developing me.
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