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Basic Web Programming Ideas Every Marketer Should Know About

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Yes! It happened again with you.

This time, you have gotten yourself into another mind-twisting and time-consuming programming projects, but you cannot do anything but accept the sinking feeling, do you? There is no decline in fact that marketers need to adopt emerging technology to move ahead and beat the competition and it is on based on only one perception. With each passing days, we are witnessing technology taking the lead in its hands and driving the human race toward a tech-driven world. Those who didn’t grow with technology find such situation overwhelming. They feel like students who are struggling with their development project and require Web Programming assignment to overcome them. There is a number of reasons behind this overwhelming feeling like:

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  • A web project that never gets offs its ground
  • A digital opportunity that never gets realised
  • A sour relationship with a software developer

Out of these reasons, marketers conclude that there are basically there are two solutions to resolve this issue. Out of them; the most common one is to avoid becoming a technical person or they can take the alternative option and become a developer themselves.

The second option, which is far better than the first one is to take some time to actualise. In reality, the solutions don’t need to be that drastic as the marketers can also find the middle path to those who want to learn.

Yes, you can stay marketer at heart and resolve complex development issues as a developer. All of this without your losing your job. What do you need to do to make this happen?

Start learning the basics of programming

You don’t have to become a full-time developer or programmer to learn and appreciate the core concepts it offers. Learning the basics will add critical skills that can be transferred to all aspects of marketing.

Finding and fixing broken links, learning about controls, dependencies and thinking in a systematic way are just the examples of what you can learn without having a need to write a single line of code. So, from where you can start? To make things easier we have listed out some key ideas that marketers need to know about to work with the development team

# idea 1: Developer vs engineer

You have probably used the term “developer” for professionals who deal with the codes. While the majority of the developers are just fine with it you need to understand that your development team has a separate set of skills and roles in an organisation.

Depending on the size of your organisation, programmers, architectures, coders and engineer can be divided into the smaller team but when we consider a sophisticated technical environment each of them can have diverse functions. So, what you need to do is understand their roles according to the requirements of the project.

# idea 2: Scrum vs Waterfall Methodology

You may have heard the term “agile” in the workplace and must have come to the conclusion that the developer should be able to move quickly on the last minute request.

Don’t be like those marketers.

Agile and counterpart waterfall are actually two methods that can make you an effective marketer, at least to those who are working with you.

The Agile methodology is totally based on web design, development and testing phrases that are necessary to complete the project and is conducted in a parallel approach with each other for a short-term.

Many developers love agile method due to its key focus to evolve the disciplined process. This mean, no more annoying briefs they often receive from the marketing team. If they want to introduce a change they have to wait until the next cycle. It may offence the marketing team but actually, it works in the favour. Web programming assignment experts define that agile is based on the philosophy that no product is complete to transfer requirements into tangible assets that are ready for the testing.

On the other side, waterfall includes a more traditional approach where the delivered requirements are divided into phrases.

The major advantage of the waterfall is it allows you to work backwards from a goal and objective. It is highly preferred by large scale organisation as it represents an illusion of certainty.

# idea 3: conditional logic

Conditional logic is a crucial programming concept that developers use to command an instruction on an action that may or may not happen. In other words, it works on if/ else format.

Learning about the conditional logic help manager to create a better structure by visually representing into small components.

In the end, if you are facing difficulties with the programming concepts, then feel free to take guidance from programming experts via this email id ([email protected]).