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Basics Of Writing A Good Proposal

Proposals can be of so many types like business, project, or NGO; however, the objective of the proposal is the same, to make the reader agree to the proposal you make. Therefore one thing is clear that the proposal needs to be very convincing. It is quite a tough task to do, and that is why there are also courses offering proposal management training.


Well, you need not worry, as, in this post; you will not have to deal with any Proposal coordinator training. In this post, we will discuss how to write proposals. It will give you the right amount of knowledge to write a great proposal.


Moving on, the first thing that you need to keep in mind while proposal writing is that it is an art to convince people to your proposal, so the overall proposal should be written in a specific style. So, let’s find out the basics that will help you learn proposal management art.


  • Repeat them your objective again and again


There is a famous saying that “Tell me what you will tell them.” Let me tell you that it is a bit of really good advice and it works. 


Repetition is good, and the person reading your proposal will get in saved in his mind when you repeat your proposal objective again and again; they are more likely to ignore it in the first go. This is one of the keys to the Shipley proposal process that you must keep in mind always.


  • It is about you!


To be very honest, people these days have become very selfish, and they are more interested in how your proposal can benefit them. People do not have the time and energy these days to read the ten-page description of your business, resources, or experience.


It is a better idea that throughout your short and sweet proposal, keep repeating the phrase “it is about you.” This is one of the best proposals examples that you must keep in mind for successfully convincing the other party with your business proposal


  • Sell the benefit 


This point is quite similar to the one mentioned above; you need to sell the benefit. Your choice of words should tell the reader how it will benefit them. Also, you need to be clear in your proposals writing about what kind of benefit you can provide them so that the reader cannot confuse and get you.


Please do not waste your time in telling the reader how great your firm is and forgetting to it impacts the reader. Most of the reader hates such of “fluff” and are most likely to skip it.


  • “So what?” 


Once you write something, go back and read it, picture yourself as a rude old man who is impossible to be convinced, like most you find in neighbors who do not like kids. Go back and read it and ask yourself, “So what?” and picture whether it works and is the answer that your mind gives you. According to research, it works 90% of the time.


This is one of the most well-known and well-tried methods of Shipley method proposal development that works well.




So, these are the proposal sample tips that are helpful and work most of the timeTrust me, these tips mentioned above will go a long way and help you in convincing the reader when used the right way. These tips are better than any training proposal outline. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips for creating a great proposal.

What do you think of this post? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Vivek Kumar Singh
Vivek Kumar Singh
Vivek is an avid writer with expertise in different niches, including sports, fitness, fashion, business, and more. Known for his engaging writing style and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in all industries, Vivek enjoys a decent reader-base.
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