Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Bathroom Renovation: Doing Yourself or by Professional

Well! Bathroom renovation is not as easy as people judge it. A seasoned bathroom worker even gets it difficult to move on with the project. So, thinking about doing the bathroom renovation will be a foolish decision to take.

Most of the projects are simple and don't need many systems. Still, a bathroom renovation is a highly skillful work, including plumbing, tile work, wall panels, electrical fittings, and much more.

However, money is the only problem, and the only reason one would not hire a professional is to renovate a bathroom.

Total Costs:

Most of the homeowners take advice or discuss the renovation project with professionals for the sake of satisfaction. But as mentioned above that the main reason is only saving money or expenses of the professional.

For a small bathroom, the total cost is around $20,000 if renovated by a general contractor. The same bathroom, if fully remodeled by yourself, can cost up to $75 $11,000 in total by looking at the budget.

Time of Project:

Compared to the cost savings, when a person does the work by himself, it takes a much longer time. A wise decision here was to hire a professional worker who can save weeks to months in the project. The only downside of a professional is that you may not be able to shower in the morning waking late.

Doing the project by yourself can take up to six months if renovating the bathroom only in spare time. However, the same bathroom can be renewed within weeks if handled to a professional.

Plumbing and Electric Set-up:

The mechanical set-up during the renovation of your bathroom needs to follow the rules and regulations. So, the plumbing, electric set-up, and other things like that must be done with professionals.

Even if you are a good plumber or electrician, leave this work to professionals. It could be the only stage that cost you but is bearable easily.

Installation of Floors:

The installation of floors is the easiest stage, and you can easily do it by yourself. If you select tiles or even bathroom wall panels for walls, their cost can be replaced with your work on that step. Also, it is easy to install luxury vinyl, so hiring professionals is of no means.

For ceramic and porcelain tiles, you can hire a professional, but their installation is not much complicated. You can learn their basics in a short time and then can employ yourself.

Wall Surfaces Installation:

Making Drywalls with perfection also needs professionals, but hire if they are budget worthy. Even if you go for the installation of moisture-resistant shower wall panels in the bathroom, it is similar to the conventional procedure in your home.

Installation of Toilet and Painting:

The toilets are cumbersome and hefty, but they are not challenging to install. If you have done the faucets and fixtures with the help of a plumber, it doesn't mean that you can leave toilet installation to him as well.

You can invest in a macerating toilet or upflush toilet because this fixture can be easier and much less costly to install. It is the perfect choice if you want to do your bathroom renovation project on your own in order to save some budget.

Moreover, you should hire painting experts only for large surfaces and not for small wall spaces. So, doing both of them by yourself will be worthwhile.

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