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Battlefield 5: Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Footage Leaked

Battlefield 5

The latest video leak has brought across a new Firestorm mode in the Battlefield V. This firestorm mode is associated with currently trending battle royale online shooter game, and this new video leak has revealed such inclusion of battle royale style in the Battlefield 5.

The latest video reveal has pointed out to various in-game mechanics, loot system, player style and basic knowledge of the new mode. Players instead observe this video leak as a first tutorial for the upcoming mode in the title.

As hinted by the trailer, the Firestorm mode in Battlefield V will feature three different playable options which include Squad, Dual, and Solo. Similar to other battle royale titles, Battlefield V would also include a similar concept of gamers parachuting down from a plane on to an ever closing map which would be continually shrinking with every passing second.

Moreover, Battlefield V would have plenty of weapon types to suit the requirement of players still there is a shortage of ammo for players to use so keeping a regular check of inventory would be must, and players can also revive the down squad mate, which is inspired by numerous other battle royale style games.

There are a total of three weapon-types which include, Epic, Rare and Common. The common type weapons are quite useful as you land on the battlefield without any weapons, so it is wise to pick up any weapon type as you parachute down to the battlefield.

Battlefield V will also allow players to revive their teammates, and it would be not as exciting as off a revive seen in Apex Legends. Still, Battlefield V would feature unique mechanics of shooting a pistol even after getting knocked down. But if your teammates fail to revive you before enemy completely kills you, then there is no coming back.

This new title is set to include a maximum of 64 players in a single match, as compared to other titles like Fortnite and PUBG which features 100 online players in a single match. Moreover, a title like PUBG and Fortnite have a storm as a shrinking zone indicator, but in battlefield V a burning fire is a significant of a shrinking zone.

Moreover, this new title is expected to feature real wartime vehicles with unique boats, tanks, and a plane which an impact drastically on the final outcome of the battle. EA creates such unique dynamics in the title due to its owned studio namely Criterion which has included unique in-game interactions for players to explore new possibilities for battle royale genre games.

Let’s see how this new battle royale style game pleases players with some new and unique in-game interactions and exciting new content for retro gamers so online shooter genre.

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