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Be Reborn Every Morning After Good Sleep

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The best judge of cotton sheet quality is the quality of cotton fibers being used. This is where Egyptian cotton is head and shoulders above the others in the market. Its long fibers are spun into extra fine threads that are used to make high quality fabrics for bed sheets. Each bed sheet is characterized by silky soft texture, allowing them to remain comfortably cool in summers and warm in winters. 

One must purchase Egyptian bed sheets online only from reputed vendors, as they are guaranteed to have the original cotton fabric. A large number of websites look for blends of Egyptian cotton to be used in bed sheets, which helps to reduce overall costs. Even if the blend consists of a small percentage of a different material, it will bring down the quality. The best quality Egyptian cotton sheets are those above 800 thread count. Therefore, be sure to carry out thorough research before purchasing these super comfortable sheets.   

Never wash with bleach

The worst treatment for Egyptian cotton sheets is bleach. One must not make the mistake of using bleach with detergents to wash them, as the fibers will be destroyed prematurely. Wear and tear will be faster due to the chemical. Also ensure that no fabric softener is used on 1200 thread count sheets made from Egyptian cotton, which also could result in fiber damage. Higher the thread count, higher would be the chances of damage here.      

Best properties of Egyptian cotton

The quality of Egyptian cotton is undoubtedly higher than most sheet materials. It is endowed with certain properties that make it very versatile, the list of which is given below:

  1. It is able to maintain overall shape well

  2. The fabric is very breathable and it does not trap heat, which prevents night sweats

  3. Egyptian cotton is equally suitable for warm and cold temperatures

  4. It is unaffected by odors and is also machine washable, making it low maintenance

  5. The material is highly durable

  6. High thread count makes the material soft and silk smooth 

  7. The fabric is highly porous

Although the price of a bed sheet may seem high initially, the comfort and all other properties mentioned above make it highly suitable for several years.


Hand picked cotton

It is a fact that Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, thereby resulting in low stress on its fibers, such that they remain straight and intact. These fibers are also greatly resistant to stress, and can create very fine yarns without decreasing length. As a result, the cotton is stronger and softer than regular cotton. The final finish is finer and more consistent, resulting in a highly flexible fabric.


Find a suitable size

Many of us may have come across issues in which we are faced with too small or too large sheets on our mattresses. This must be taken into account while ordering Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Awareness about bedding size is important, as linen will always be available for standard size beds. It does not matter these beds are queen, single, king size or double. One needs to be careful if it is a customized bed.   

Myth about high thread count 

The quality of the yarn matters more than the thread count, and it is a myth to think that the latter is the only way to determine quality of the sheet. The thread count is definitely important, but it is not the only parameter to judge material quality. Smooth cotton helps provide great quality sleep, and this made possible due to yarn quality. 

Yarns are available in multi ply and single ply forms. Sometimes a single ply construction is able to produce longer lasting and more breathable bed sheets than multi ply threads.    

Investment in a suitable type of bed linen is always a good idea because most people spend a third of their lives sleeping. This is one of the top reasons for the popularity of Egyptian cotton. 

Purchasing bed linen

Other important aspects to keep in mind while buying bed linen are as follows:

  1. All materials that are chemical free will always be highly breathable. Such bed sheets are necessary for the skin during sleep.

  2. Be well aware of the sizes of the bed and pillows, as not all aspects may necessarily be changed 


Reputed websites

It makes sense to look at Egyptian cotton bed sheets only on well known websites, to be sure of the quality and durability. Such sites are likely to be suggested by many references as well. It is necessary to take out time and conduct thorough research online, as most items are being bought over the Internet these days.   


For those who are looking for suitable winter bed sheets, they should look at cotton percale king sheets. All kinds of Egyptian cotton sheets are suitable for all skin types.  


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