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Beach Trip Necessities

A trip to the beach can make for a really fun day. Whether you go to relax or have some fun with friends, it's an experience like no other. If you want to make the most of your day though, like myrtle beach things to do. Here are nine of the most popular beach necessities. 


One of the biggest enemies you'll face on your beach day is the sun. Even if you put on sunscreen before you leave, you need to make sure you bring it with you. It's wise to continuously apply it throughout the day. Make sure you get one with a high enough SPF count and grab the spray cans to make it easier to put on. 


It's highly unlikely that you won't get hungry while hanging out at the beach for the day. Instead of making yourself go from beach to restaurant multiple times throughout the day, bring your own snacks and lunch. Grab some of the prepackaged items so you won't have to worry about sand getting in everything. 


Although you may be surrounded by water, this doesn't mean it's drinkable. It's vital that you and your family stay hydrated while at the beach. You don't want to ruin your trip by getting sunstroke or becoming lethargic because you didn't drink enough fluids. While you may not be able to pack a beverage air cooler for your outing, you can bring a large cooler filled with ice or cold packs to keep everything cold. 


A trip to the beach isn't complete without bringing some toys and games. It's fun for both old and young alike to make sand creations and build castles, so you'll want some shovels and buckets for that. Water toys are fun to bring as well. Games like volleyball, bocce, frisbee, and other spots are fun to play in the sand too, so be sure to bring some of that equipment.  


While a beach umbrella may seem a little obsessive to bring, it will become one of your best friends. having one of these can really make the day more bearable and enjoyable. it will provide you with some shade, giving you a break of the sin on your skin or in your eyes. It creates a great place for you to lay and relax. 


Towels are definitely on the must-bring list when it comes to the beach. Whether you plan to go in the water or not, you'll need at least one or two to help you wipe off the sand when you get back to the car. Of course, they'll also help you dry off if you decide to go for a swim. 


Most beaches don't have readily available benches and chairs for you to use. This means you's need to bring some of your own unless you want to sit in the sand all day. Camping chairs can do the trick, but they do make specialized beach chairs if you're willing to spend the money on them. You can also bring a beach blanket, but this won't give you any back support. 


You know you have to wear shoes when you're going somewhere, but making sure you choose the right kind is very important. Beaches mean sand, so you'll want to wear some type of sandal. This will help limit how much you track everywhere. If you plan on going in the water, some type of water shoe may also be beneficial. 

First Aid Kit 

While you never want anything bad to happen while you're at the beach, accidents do happen. It's best to be prepared for the unexpected. You should always have a first aid kit packed and ready to bring with you to the beach. Fill it with things like bandages, antiseptics, and even some over-the-counter type medicines. 

While it may sound like fun to show up at the beach and plan to spend the day there, it's unwise to do so without preparation. These are just some of the things you need to remember to pack. 

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