Beat the Dust Like the House Cleaners in San Francisco


Being allergic to dust has got its own share of repercussions, both good and bad. The good is you will have to compulsively live in a clean house and the bad is you cannot go to a place that has dust flakes all over. Dust allergy causes a person to repetitively sneeze so much so that the poor person is left with tearful eyes and a red nose! If you are one of them, you must be knowing the importance of keeping a place dust-free.

Certainly, dust is your number one enemy and this necessitates the fact that you must appoint a competent cleaning company in San Francisco to remove dust from every corner in your house and make the interiors spic and span. However, apart from appointing a cleaning company, you can also do your bit to make your house dust-free.

The below-mentioned tips shall help you to enjoy a home without dust to trouble you:

  1. Keep your closets organized- Closets are such a place that easily collects dust resulting from the finer particles of the clothes, bedding and towels. No matter how clean you keep it, everytime you open the door, some dust particles will always welcome you. Cleaning your closets everyday is admittedly not possible but you can follow some smart ways like keeping the coats in zipper bags, small articles like jewelry in containers, other garments in cloth bags and this will control the dust level inside your closets.
  1. Change your bedding weekly- Your super comfy bed is also a major dust-collector and if you don’t change your bedding weekly, you are bound to have bouts of allergic reaction every now and then. Wash the bedsheet and pillowcases in warm water using a mild detergent and regularly dust well the mattress and pillows using a broom. This will keep your bed dust-free for you to have peaceful sleep.
  1. Use the right cleaning materials- Have you noticed the cleaning materials used by expert house cleaners in San Francisco toget rid of dust particles? The main reason why house cleaners are efficient in making a place free of dust easily and not you is because they know the exact cleaning supplies that are needed. Use a damp cloth or microfiber cloth that easily trap the dust particles instead of spreading it around. Avoid using linen or cotton cloths since they leave behind tiny fibers on the surface.
  1. Use a proper vacuum- We all know that a vacuum cleaner is the king in sucking up your enemy-dust particles. But are you using the right vacuum cleaner? Is it effective enough? A vacuum cleaner with an impressive agitator will surely serve your purpose. Use a canister vacuum if you are cleaning floor made of tile, vinyl or wood.
  1. Beat out dust from cushions and rugs- Like pillows and mattress, your cushions and rugs are equally huge dust magnets and so these are avoided from being kept inside many allergic homeowners. But if you have these and aren’t able to dispose of, you must take these outside and give a good beating with a broom or a wooden stick. You can also vacuum the carpets and rugs every week for better results.

Conclusion- Having a dust-free home is not an easy task. Hence sometimes you wish your house could get clean by itself just the way it got dirty! Nevertheless, by following the above-mentioned tips, saying goodbye to dust particles can get easier and more convenient.

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