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Beautiful sinks in the interior of modern bathroom

Probably the most important and unparalleled, so to speak, interior bathroom item is the sink because the bath and shower are interchangeable, and the toilet does not have to be in the same room with the place of water procedures. Therefore, it does not matter whether you have a shower or a bath, a separate bathroom or not. A sink cannot be absent a priori! In this article, we will help you figure out which sink is suitable for you and your bathroom.

Modern design - Convenience

Comfort is what modern fashion is based on in the design of various interiors. All these fashion trends for improving your home are aimed primarily at making your life as comfortable as possible. Therefore, one cannot fail to mention such a practical and convenient modern design solution as double sinks. The main task of such an installation is to create the most comfortable conditions for each family member to stay in the bathroom. A striking example of such a solution is the brand "Blossom bath" bathroom vanity Milan.

Since two people can use a double installation of sinks simultaneously, such a product saves a lot of time, which is especially necessary during the morning gathering, when someone in your family needs to work, and someone in an educational institution. Of course, if you live alone and plan to live like this for the next few years, then you don't need two sinks unless your possible second person refuses to share one sink for two with the first (anything can happen).

As for the appearance of the "double vanities," it looks stylish and solid. Such a design will bring some uniqueness to the interior of your bathroom because you will not see a double installation of sinks in every bathroom, and let's be honest, such an installation is far from being able to fit into every bathroom without violating the spatial relationship of the room, for a comfortable stay and moving in it. But the size is perhaps the only drawback of the double installation of the sinks, and that is due only to the scale of the room itself.

Sink for a small bathroom

For small or relatively small bathrooms, there is a wide variety of stylish and yet practical solutions for the sinks themselves. Of course, when choosing a washbasin, taking into account the space, one should adhere to specific "conditional" rules, for example, for small bathrooms, correspondingly small sinks like the matte bathroom vanity Blossom bath"Sydney" in white. This is understandable because a large or even medium-sized shell will eat up scarce inches in a small space. However, even though this would seem to be such a simple truth, there are still those who forget to adjust everything to the scale of their premises when decorating the interior.

The shape of a sink made of artificial stone for a small bathroom maybe whatever your heart desires, but sometimes the human soul wants something that, in the end, may disappoint itself. Therefore, in small bathrooms, a sink made of artificial stone of simple, classic shapes, such as square, rectangle, circle, semicircle, oval, will look more suitable and more advantageous.

The most suitable and space-saving installation is the "wall-mounted" installation when it comes to installing washbasins in small bathrooms. There is no massive, cumbersome, and "place-waste-taking" cabinet, just a sink, and that's it! Or not all? Whatever one may say, it is impossible to do without storage places for various cosmetics and hygiene items in the bathroom. One of the most remarkable ways to store bath furnishings, with minimal space consumption, is to use a wall countertop, on which, for example, a round washbasin could be located, and around a variety of care and decorative cosmetics.

Exclusive washbasin design

Well, if none of the above-proposed types of washbasin suits you, you should consider the option of a custom washbasin, that is, an exclusive design of the washbasin in our plumbing supply store "New Bathroom Style." Color, shape, size, ornament, all possible aesthetic characteristics, and the same are limited only by your imagination. The main task of such an installation is to create the most comfortable conditions for each family member to stay in the bathroom. A striking example of such a solution is the brand "Blossom bath" bathroom vanity Milan.

Are you a creative person who has started a bathroom renovation and does not see anything that could fully reflect your rich inner world? Or are you already a fully realized artist who dreams of making a semblance of an art object out of your bathroom (the difference is the availability of functionality)? Or are you an aesthetic individualist who wants to have something unique that absolutely no one else has? Then bespoke washbasins are exactly what you need; create your own, unique, exclusive washbasin design.

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