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Beautiful university buildings

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University libraries and lecture halls are standing tall with the latest designs due to the developed technology. The architectural departments in various universities are working tirelessly to develop designs that are unique and attractive to make their respective institutions stand. According to the paper writing services review, Locomotive Moscow State University has the history of the tallest building since the 1950s at 240 meters tall. With more than 35 stores, it offers everything from the auditorium, lecture halls, and seminar rooms under one building. The 2008 cocoon tower in Tokyo is another skyscraper hosting different colleges within the city.

Let’s visit the most beautiful university buildings.

1.      Universidad nacional Autonoma de Mexico (1953)

It’s an old library building for over five decades now. Initially, it was at the Mexico City Centre. It can hold up to half a million books. The architecture behind this enormous and beautiful building was Juan O’Gorman, Gustavo Saavedra, and Juan Martinez.

2.      Bradfield Hall of 1966.

Ulrich Franzen and associates were in charge of its building. Its names came after Richard Bradfield and professor emeritus, the Cornell Agronomy Department head. It had no videos at the time of its design on its first ten floors.  The floors were laboratories.

3.      Universitas Degli Studi Di Torino

The campus Luigi Einaudi has two buildings that combine both the law and the political science departments. It has a capacity of over 5000 students.

At the international level, the University of Turin is oriented both to relations with major organizations and to collaboration with the developing countries. 

4.      The faculty of history at Cambridge university

The architects were Stirling and Gowan. They agreed as a result of architectural competitions where the winning design got little adjustments. It received an award in the ears as a royal institute of British Architects’ gold medal.

5.      Graduate Centre at London metropolitan university

The building was in 2004. The architecture behind this beautiful building was Daniel Libeskind. Graduate Centre won the RIBA award in 2004, and in 2005 it won the time of the year award. It serves as the entry point to London metropolitan university.

6.      The Moscow amount of 2004.

It’s a beautiful building with a mass of water on the front side. The beautiful scenery around it makes it appear among the most beautiful buildings in the universities around the world. Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev was the architect behind it. At the time of its making, it was among the top ten tallest skyscrapers in the world.

7.      Cocoon Tower in Japan.

It’s a beautiful building. The tower has a high level of architectural skills used in construction. From the state university’s main building, this tower in japan is the second largest educational building globally. The design of Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower offers a new solution for school architecture in Tokyo’s tightly meshed urban environment


8.      The philogische bibliotheca of 2005 in Germany.

With is a unique design using the latest technology, this building appears among the top beautiful university buildings in the world. It is a modern library that holds more than 800,000 books.

9.      The Run-Shaw creative media Centre.

It uses the latest design with a layout that is unique and modern. It has a stable environment surrounded by trees. Daniel Libeskind was the architecture of the building. In 2002 it gained a strong sustainability rating.

Today, the growth in technology has led to competition between universities to work with the latest technology. They are in a hurry to beautify their university environments using the latest technologies to attract more clients. Universities get an international outlook from the technology they use in the delivery of their services. It includes technology used in the physical planning and layout of the university.

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