Beauty Comes in Quality, Comfortability, and Satisfaction: KEF Clothing


Popular Brand in Men’s Casual and Formal Wear When it comes to dressing, we often prefer stylish, aesthetic designs which come in standard colors, primarily above all, that could be able to reflect our identity. Sometimes, after buying, we must compromise with the comfort, quality, and durability. Resulted in a pile of clothes in the wardrobe unused. Otherwise, we can choose for comfort and value for money but must sacrifice in a sense of beauty, looks, and cost. In search of a clothing brand that comes excellent in every aspect, had found a popular brand KEF. In a detailed check understood that KEF Clothing is an Indian brand with international quality, established in Bangalore and grown across India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, and recently launched in the United States too (March 15, 2020). From a small manufacturing unit with 4 members, it grew up to international levels, only due to the package of effort plus quality in every piece of artwork they make. KEF Clothing considers the fabric as canvas and passionately works on that to bring utmost customer satisfaction. Mostly KEF Clothing work on 100% cotton fabrics. KEF specialized in making Gent’s shirts and pants most commonly, and in a wide variety of other categories too explained below. Plain full sleeve t-shirts for men, pure cotton shirts, new casual shirts, KEF button-down shirts, as well as KEF printed shirts, KEF checks shirts, KEF Military Camouflage designs, and other Contemporary Designs and so on.

Customer satisfaction is the prime concern and enthusiastic to hear the feedbacks, as KEF clothing value their customers much and believed it is a reason for all milestones achieved. KEF Team is passionate about every design they put forward and proudly stand out with new trendy designs in every season, according to the demands of happy clients. Being a trendsetter, KEF believes that quality comes with aesthetics, durability, and affordability to bring the actual joy of cloth making. Customers can meet their expectations and experience the authenticity of each product. KEF Clothing understood the demand of global customers and the workforce together to move for that.

KEF is trying to handpick every product to assure the quality of the product they sell, with the help of their trained professionals such as production managers, quality assurance managers. Within 10 years of foundation stone lay itself, KEF achieved more than 1 Million of happy customers worldwide. The success of KEF achieved by several factors like the first, high-quality product with reasonable price strategy, wide network connections for effective distribution, and mouth publicity from satisfied customers.

Currently, KEF manufacturing garments under two major and other minor categories. Corporate and formal wears for men’s Casual wears and trousers for men’s and boy’s Apart from KEF Clothing special Casual & Formal Shirts, T-shirts, and Trousers, KEF Clothing also managed the production of Pants, Cotton Pants, Jeans, Shorts, Shrugs, Blazers, Base Coats Accessories like Caps, Wallets, Specs, Belts, Sunglasses, Shoes, and Watches. According to the client’s demands, KEF clothing also works with fabrics other than cotton, mostly, various Stretching fabrics, Denims, Rayon, Quadron, Satin, and other mixed cotton Fabrics. All KEF Clothing offered features Tear Resistance, Skin Friendly, and Comfortable to varied customers, as they keenly studied various previous customer experiences and trial runs often performed to assure the quality standards and after buy experiences.

KEF products are available in KEF stores located in South India and Middle East Countries. Another option to buy men’s fashion wear and accessories is through online shopping from the Kefclothing websites available at for Middle East Customers and for United State customers at, where can get a variety of offers, discounts, and huge collections. Lots of varieties in casual shirts for men, party wear shirts for men, plain full sleeve shirts for men, pure cotton shirts, etc.

KEF is the parent brand/company that comprises certain other brands like KEF CLOTHING, HUEZ, KEFBOY, SEVEN BY KEF, KEF PREMIUM, with differentiation in area of services and according to certain categories as the Motto says, ‘Crafted… Couture… Ends your Curiosity!’

KEF has wide spectrum distribution channels to reach they are each customer wherever in the world. Also, offer personalized designing of Shirts and Blazers for special occasions. Specialties Authenticity itself is the greatest specialty of KEF products, which meets Quality, Durability, Efficiency, Aesthetics, and Affordability. KEF can offer 100% cotton clothing. It also ensures the delivery of eco-friendly materials. Each fabric material is selected and tested often directly by the administrative head. KEF promised to satisfy each customer's needs by product differentiation, Delivery, and after-sale services.

KEF Clothing possesses excellent making as well as distribution Teams with excellent trained professionals in designing, stitching, and logistics, with a well-managed freight system with proper guidance and care. After delivery, the customer service system offers competitive support with credible, higher responsive, reliable, communicative customer care executive Team members. KEF Crew altogether thoroughly scan and organize every step from the very beginning of fabric selection to the final reach in customer's hands, as a Team, and as an individual. The KEF is in a mission to maintain a modern manufacturing facility in India to satisfy the Customers, Business Partners, Stake Holders, and the Community’s ever-changing needs. And visioned to be the Finest Garment Manufacture in India and the Middle East Region ensuring every Quality and Standard Aspects.

FEW WORDS ABOUT TEAMKEF FOUNDATION STONE LAYERS KEF was established by Sai Mohammed and his cofounder Samad in 2010, February at Bangalore, India. Sai is a student at the Bharathiar University of Design. During the graduating period, Sai impressed by the idea of DIY methodology and inspired by The Missile Man of India, The Great A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, India Former President. Also, some street art campaigns helped Sai to polish his ideologies and molded for self-empowerment, where the KEF campaign budded. His small leaps led to the innovation of new world-renowned brand ‘KEF’. Sai found the word ‘kef’ which means ‘smoking material’ in Spanish and stands for “Kingdom of Energetic Fashion”. Sai, the chairman of KEF, directly leading other designers to find new designs and its practical application. Whereas Samad, CEO of KEF, leads a group of professionals to select fabrics for all products. Also, Samad directly influences financial planners to develop new strategies, ideas, plan the budget, determine break-even points, and ensure long term solvency for the coming financial year.