Beauty tips for skin glow at home


1. Eliminate excess sebum

It is the basis for displaying beautiful skin daily and eliminate sebum and other impurities that blur the complexion: a good cleansing of the face. For this, arm yourself with a good cleanser to make skin clean! Be careful to choose it according to your skin type, oily skin will not have the same needs as dry skin for example. You can perfect your cleansing routine by applying a small lotion to remove limescale from the water. Finally, do not forget to do a small scrub once a week to remove dead cells.

With so many options available for cleansers and exfoliants, it could be challenging to figure out which one works best for your skin. Organic skin care products have soared in popularity due to their naturally nourishing properties and less harsh ingredients. Unlike conventional soaps, the natural ones don’t strip away healthy bacteria and vital oils. Argan and olive soaps are rich in healthy fats and vitamin E. In addition, Goat milk skin care organic products are also extremely popular as they contain natural lactic acids, vitamin A and E which make them the ultimate nourishing sources for your skin.

2. To avoid dark circles, consider the circulation of blood

Now that one has a perfectly cleansed skin, place in the "hydration" phase. An essential step that we wear makeup or not. We start by taking care of the outline of his eyes. But be careful, no matter how! We agree it is customary to apply his serum or cream around the eye by massaging the eyes from the inside to the outside (no?). A serious mistake, if you want to be effective on a ring or pocket morning, better to respect the lymphatic routes.

Indeed, these nasty problems are the result of poor blood circulation, and not following the right path to stimulate the energy of the eye area is more or less to do nothing. And we, overworked women, really do not need that. So now, with the pulp of the index finger, we perform a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin by small pressure in circular movements (and not by stretching to not wrinkle the skin and facilitate the appearance of wrinkles), a ten times from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we do the same thing all around the orbit.

3. Apply care from the bottom to the top

Hydration always but with the rest of the face. And here is a simple trick that is important when applying your moisturizer: the best is to avoid pushing the face down (it is already doing very well alone). It's a question of weightlessness. To hydrate the skin of his face with his day cream, we start from the neck to go up to the forehead, and from the center of the face-up cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to defy the laws of gravity.

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And of course, before applying one's care, one chooses it well. For example, if you have normal to combination skin, rely on a light treatment not too rich that will provide sufficient hydration daily without greasing the skin. Our favorite: the light moisturizing REhydrate Jonzac Thermal Water. With its non-comedogenic formula, hypoallergenic and enriched with vegetable glycerin, this cream provides the right dose of hydration to the skin daily and helps slow the evaporation of water against external aggressions.
Light moisturizing treatment Rehydrate Thermal water Jonzac, 12,95 € © Jonzac Thermal Water

4. Leave your face moisturizer away from the eye contour

Another beauty advice to apply your cream: we pay careful attention to avoid the entire area that frames the eye. Why? Because our moisturizing care is too heavy in water for this fragile area. The skin of the contour is so thin that it absorbs everything, in too great a quantity. And who says too much water, says skin that swells, says the appearance of pockets. It is for this reason that there is care specifically adapted to this area (no, it's not just marketing).

5. The peel to make a new skin

The peeling, do you know? This is a technique of "peeling" the skin. Yes, you read correctly! The peel burns a fine part of the skin with acid in order to renew the upper layers of the epidermis. Obviously, this technique is exclusively practiced by specialists. By removing many of our small "imperfections", the peel is also ideal for getting rid of wrinkles. A somewhat miraculous technique that costs between 150 and 500 euros.

Fortunately for our wallet, cosmetics has gotten involved. From now on, the peeling is also accessible to all thanks to cosmetics at the most affordable price. However, the formulas are less concentrated and the peel is therefore a little less effective at erasing wrinkles and fine lines.
6. Apply your foundation with your hands

Now that you have pretty, perfectly clean and hydrated skin, it's time to put on some makeup. Again, there are some tips to know to display a perfect complexion. Whether you choose a fluid foundation or a tinted cream, even fight: stop with brushes, we go with the fingers. Why? Because the hands are "hot" and allow the molecules of the product to work together. The material is