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Beginner guide to growing white widow: week by week

White widow is a medicinal stain with frolic effects. If it's your first time growing it, you will be in an absolute panic and stressed about whether it is growing well or not. Why are we here then? This platform will give you a guide to how you have to grow it and how it will look like all of your questions will be answered here, so let's begin our journey with the first week or plantation process.

Week 1

On our first day of the first week, we need to sink a seed of our white widow auto in a cup of well-filtered water. When you watch that seed touching the base of your cup(it can take up to 12 hours), you will observe a white taproot(radical) over your seed surface as a sign of germination.

When this sign of germination of yours reaches 2-3cm, shit it to a pot with the soil of your choice. After that, you can watch for a growth booster for it like mycorrhizae for a better productivity and growth rate. check this out.


By this, your seed will pop a bit. You need to observe two curved leaves(cotyledons) that will provide the nutrition your seedling is waiting for.

Conditions provided

Temperature = around 23degrees.

Humidity = 60% relative humidity.

Chances of errors

If cotyledons of your seed are yellowish colored, it's a thing to worry about and if you don't suspect any of the one-fingered cannabis leaves coming out.

Week 2

By this stage, you already have a one-fingered cannabis leave. Going further, the fingers of your plant will increase in number. If you see a leaf developing properly, it indicates the plant had adapted with the pot, or we say medium now you can use root booster for quick growth. 

Try taking a break from watering the plant. So it can absorb oxygen as well.


When you observe the pair or leaves developing properly overnight, they're all ready for further growth and a happy plant.

Conditions required

Temperature = 20-22degrees

Humidity = 55% relative.

Week 3 

It's a week where the real growth needs more nutrients, and now you can go with some nutrient boosters having nitrogen in the ratio of 3-1-2.


Note that indica dominant plants will grow short and bushy. And Sativa dominant plants will grow long with fewer leaves.

And now, by the end of this stage, you will observe leaves grown to fingers containing 5-7 like this.

Conditions required

Temperature = 20-23degrees

Humidity =50% relative

Week 4

It's known as the pre-pre-flowering stage. In this stage, your plant will show its sex as all of the seeds provided are feminized; there will be a white hair-like structure, so by this indication, you just need to increase the nutrients you provide by a bit every day.


After a couple of days, bud sites start developing real quick. Note that that stigma must have to be visible to the eyes.

Conditions required

Temperature = 23-25degrees

Humidity =50% relative

Week 5

We will call it the flowering stage. Now your plant will have flowers on it now the main work starts. You need to provide this plant with only blooming nutrients from now onwards. 


You will observe the flowers you are waiting for.


There is a risk of bugs and insects being on the plant at this stage, making it unproductive.

To avoid this issue, you must keep a regular eye on it by checking it regularly.

Conditions required

Temperature = 23-25degrees

Humidity =50% relative

Week 6

This is the stage That will lead to a lot of smell if you hadn't installed a carbon filter. By this stage, you must be feeling a full dose of nutrients to your plants.


You will observe a lot of white hairs over your plants, making the plant look completely white, depicting itself as well as its name.

Conditions required

Temperature = 23-25degrees

Humidity = 50% relative

Week 7

Keep a nice check on the plant for bugs and insects.


At this stage, you will watch pistils turning to brown, your plant making delicious smells, and the trichome's cap beginning to swell. Check this out till week 8.

Week 8

This is the time you are waiting for after this week; your plant will be wholly done.


The stigma of your plant will turn brown, and the flower will flourish even more.

After this, you can start the flourishing process. Check this out dechlorinated water will suit them best, so it better suits them.



Plants need to be given special care to nourish and become what you are waiting for them to be. So your efforts will be accounted for the betterment of your plant.

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