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Beginners Guide on Starting Mobile App Development Business

With mobile application gaining immense popularity, a majority of the businesses are focusing on creating mobile apps to offer services and products in a better way. The biggest question is how to make an app that can withstand existing strong competition in the market. With more than 2 million mobile apps on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, the competition has become more intense.

However, apps are making more profit every year owing to the increasing number of people using smartphones, moreover, the spending on apps is also expected to rise in coming years. Hence, businesses and companies are looking to hire mobile app development services providers to develop the best application and enhance user experience.

According to some research reports and stats, around 90% of startups fail including apps based businesses. While in 10% of successful mobile apps there are key similarities that can be noticed. Hence, with better market research and strategic planning, a startup can ensure success with mobile apps. Along with the idea, a robust business strategy is a must including a plan to outsource app development to top app development company or to hire freelance app developers.

Before starting the app development process, the company needs to get answers to some important questions, such as

  • Does the app have a market or need?
  • Are all the important factors considered before starting the mobile app development?
  • Is rapid growth being projected? This can help business to get funds at the initial stage
  • Is the team versatile? And what is lacking in other apps that customer really needs?

As the startup or at the initial stage it is difficult to understand the whole process and turn an idea into reality. Hence, it is important to understand initial steps to be taken to explore ideas and turn them into reality ensuring profit and success with the help of developers and mobile app development services providers.

How to Come Up With an Idea?

Before starting the business, the team or a person needs to come up with an idea and also the product or service needs to be valuable. In order to come up with an idea, it is important to solve a problem. It is important to find an issue that is wasting time, money, and requires a lot of effort. Finding a solution to a problem can likely result in an idea. Moreover, problem-solving is a huge and profitable business. The biggest task here is to find a problem first and then come up with the solution. Once reached the solution, it is important to think on how to monetize the product and how to make money through a mobile application.

Validating the App Idea

With an idea in place, it is important to know how the idea is best, different and how it can be a next big thing. For instance, there are nearly 50,000 new mobile applications released on the Apple App Store every month, so the business or startup needs to ensure that the app can compete with the existing and new apps being launched.

Hence, validating the idea is an important step before developing the app or hiring top app development company. Because if it doesn’t work then it may result in a huge loss. Validation can provide crucial information and insights along with the drawbacks. This provides an opportunity to consolidate the idea and improve it.

There are some of the ways of validating an idea and the two common ways are- Tell or talk to the general public, friends, family as these are likely to be your target market. Contact an app developer or the mobile application development company to discuss the idea as they provide service and can help with idea and technologies.

Funding the Development of the App

Once the idea is validated and final, it is important to know the overall cost of app development, launch, and provide maintenance service to customers or users. Hence, most of the businesses or companies hire mobile app development services providers to get an estimation of the cost that will go in app development along with the time to market.

In order to gather the fund, the startup can contact venture capitalists, crowdfunding, angel investors, and self-funding where one can use the savings for the initial stage. Business and bank loan is also an option that can be considered.

Along with the aforementioned steps, the startup needs to focus on hiring the best mobile app development company and know the exact cost of developing an app. Moreover, in later stages, marketing plays an important role in ensuring the success of the app and reaching the maximum audience. The final thing that a business needs to consider is the ongoing support that will be required.  

This article is written by Ritesh Patil. He is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech, leading healthcare mobile app development company in India, USA. He’s an avid blogger, loves innovation, and writes on diverse healthcare application areas. He works with skilled digital health app developers that have delivered innovative mobile applications.
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