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Behavior Principle Revolutionize Web Design

A quality web site is not a cheap toy. It is pretty understandable, as you need to collect a solid team of professional designers, programmers, and developers to build a consistent modern website. But if it is hard to navigate for an average person or your potential customer, you may consider all your time and money wasted. Online marketing is extremely competitive nowadays. That is why offering your product or service online, you should better make sure that a potential customer does not have to spend much time figuring out what exactly you are offering and hoe he can buy it. The principles of behavioral marketing have been widely used in commerce for the past several years. But recent tendencies of a global movement to the virtual reality require solutions of behavioral economics in e-commerce and web design. Most leading companies have already adopted those concepts into their online presence. Let`s see how behavior principles may evaluate web design. Digital marketing is the process of promoting a business by using different digital technologies such as the internet. Due to this reason digital marketing is also known as internet marketing. Professional digital marketers do everything in their power in order to help entrepreneurs to make the most of digitalization.


When a customer got to your website, the only thing that he wants is to solve his problem as soon as possible. That is why it is extremely important that all the information a person might use is concentrated at one point and have a very specific purpose. It is quite easy to get carried away with web design and create something sp[histicated. But eventually, people just leave a website and forget about it if they don`t see clearly how it may solve their problem. A perfect example of simplicity that leads to unimaginable revenue is

Forget the pop-ups

Nobody already remembers why pop-ups seemed like a good idea once. Anyway, now they are the main reason people close websites before even understanding what it is all about. In case you have to use a pop-up, try to make sure that its size is reasonable and it is clear how a user may easily close it. Otherwise, people will leave your website and will never come back again.

Lead the way

Once a user gets lost on a website, he simply closes the tab. No matter, how good your product is and how much money you have spent on its promotion, it is all a waste if a customer does not see clearly how he may purchase it. CTA (Call to action) buttons and comfortable navigation are the key features for a successful modern website.

It is not a textbook

When a user opens a page and sees a long bed sheet of uninterrupted text, he won`t even bother to learn what it is all about. Behavioral principles dictate that a landing page should simply demonstrate a user how your product solves his problem and how he may purchase it. Only demonstrate, not give a detailed explanation. Don`t show off with complicated words and long sentences in product descriptions. Remember, it is more about the “show” then “tell”.

“Simplicity of genius” might be the best description of the behavioral concept in web design. While people adopt more technology into their everyday life, technology itself simply has to become more humane. Leave complicated digital art to galleries. When we talk about everyday life and needs, even the most complicated problems require simple solutions.

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