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5 benefits of buying a property in Kolkata

If there’s one burgeoning city that offers one of the best values in terms of real estate purchase, it’s Kolkata. There is an endless list of reasons to purchase a real estate property in the city. But here we have covered just the right amount of benefits to help you get a clear picture of how well of an investment you’re planning to make.

Explore the 5 benefits below that are unique to Kolkata: 

1. Getting a piece of the pie of the growing city

One of the most important reasons that make Kolkata an unmistakable city choice for real estate investment is its consistent growth. Unlike many other cities, Kolkata hasn’t reached its tipping point. In fact, the city is just starting to become a hotbed for international businesses and investments, and infrastructural development collectively.

You can think of purchasing a real estate property in Kolkata as planting your seeds for a fruitful future. The financial, economic, infrastructural, and technological future for Kolkata is as promising as it gets. 

2. Comparatively affordable quotes for real estate properties

Another important highlight of buying a real estate property in Kolkata is you get to choose from competitive quotes that aren’t as high as the way it is in other cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. 

This again mainly has got to do with the fact that Kolkata is categorised as a growing city. The real estate industry in the city isn’t as mature as the way it is in other top cities in India. However, as the way it has been for other cities, Kolkata isn’t forever going to be an affordable market for real estate property purchase. 

Therefore, it’s best to invest early than to wait for the market to saturate in the city. Real estate companies in Kolkata such as Vinayak Properties offer competitive quotes for all their properties. 

3. Options for purchasing real estate property outside the main city

The option for purchasing real estate property in Kolkata isn’t just limited to the city area. If you are someone who prefers living in the outskirts, the city presents you with a multitude of options. Real estate companies in Kolkata have their properties in all the outskirt regions of the city. 

Kolkata is surrounded by many outskirts, including Barasat, Rajarhat, Santiniketan, Asansol, Barrackpore, Baharampur, Alipur, and Midnapore. 

These outskirts boast of natural beauty and tranquillity from the hustle-bustle of the main city. The best part is connectivity to these outskirts is unhindered at all times. Also, all of these outskirts aren’t located too far to the point that you have to spend a lot of time travelling back and forth to the main city. 

4. Higher appreciation value in the main city area and outskirts

One benefit that’s the most unique to Kolkata is the higher odds of getting higher appreciation value for the property you have purchased. Getting a higher appreciation value when selling your property can be challenging in other cities due to various factors such as growing competition and market saturation. 

However, things are just the complete opposite in Kolkata. What’s best about the city is you can be at the possibility of getting a higher appreciation value for your real estate property not just in the main city but also in the outskirts. This is because the suburbs of Kolkata are rapidly growing in terms of infrastructural development, improving education, and business investments. 

5. A great opportunity for passive income

If you are someone who is into buying a property and then giving it for rent, you cannot go wrong with choosing Kolkata as the right city. This is because there are no shortages of tenants in almost any part of the city. 

Kolkata attracts tenants from different regions, including the northeast, North India, and South India with massive job opportunities in both public and private sectors. Buying a real estate property in Kolkata’s rapidly growing regions such as Kestopur can help you easily find tenants and earn the passive income that you have set the goal for. 

The best part is that real estate builders in Kolkata cover almost all locations when it comes to offering real estate properties at the right quotes. You can find real estate properties in almost all regions of the city without facing any shortage of options. 

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