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What benefits can a recognized business school bring to your career?


For all those individuals who aspire to become medicine practitioners in future, one of the top concern lies behind the selection of a medical school that is recognized by the authorities and the governing bodies within that country. Since embarking on a journey of medical education requires significant time from your life and some very handful of resources, seeking the best caribbean medical schools is definitely a process that every student wishes to pursue, irrespective of their geographical origination.

Recognition is one of the top priorities of officials at the Windsor University and since we are the best medical school in the Caribbean the responsibility lies on our shoulders solely to let students know the benefits that their career can have if they enroll at a prestigious medical school in the Caribbean like Windsor University itself.

Ones you enroll at the Windsor University that is the best medical school in West Indies you are sure to receive not only top-notch education bit since the Windsor University School of Medicine maintains the highest standards of education and has partnered with the best accrediting agencies of the globe, you are doubly sure to receive medicine education that is according to the latest industry standards engulfed with par excellence career placement options provided to the aspiring medicine graduates of the WUSOM.

Here some of the accreditations and approvals that Windsor University has that takes its credibility as a recognized medical school in the Caribbean even higher.

Medical Council and Board of Government of St. Kitts

This board is among the most prestigious board in the St. Kitts and that govern the institution's high education standards upon which accreditation is granted. The overall goal of this body is to ensure that the graduates are receiving top quality education through the use of latest resources and technology so that they could make a prominent mark in the global corporate markets.

Educational Commission for foreign medical students

The Windsor University School of Medicine is also accredited with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Students which is one of the most prominent accreditation bodies in the Caribbean. It provides you the surety that WUSOM is a credible choice for medical education. This commission works to ensure the best practices in the medical education are met, so anyone who wishes to take the United States Medical Licensing Board Exams (USMLE) for the basic and clinical sciences, they should be certain that this accreditation of the Windsor School of Medicine will definitely help them in scoring a better future.

Windsor University School of medicine is also officially recognized by multiple other groups that hold importance in their own sectors. Not only does WUSOM is listed in the World Health Organizations directory of the medical schools, they are also approved by the Medical Council of Canada and India both. This essentially means that the graduates of the Windsor University School of Medicine can g to any of these countries the school is recognized with and can not only take advance studies there but also practice and medical practitioners.

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