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Benefits of a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

managed dedicated server hosting

Nowadays, most of people choose shared hosting for their website in starting. Shared hosting is a hosting account on which you host your website on a shared server with hundreds of other people's websites. Shared hosting is generally very affordable due to the number of websites sharing the space and resources on each server.

The negative aspect of this is your website has to share the resources on the server, such as processing power and memory. This means if particular websites are very busy and getting loads of traffic, they will obviously draw more processing power and server memory. This can guide to your website is slow to open, and your potential customer won't wait for your website to display; they'll just go elsewhere.

The other drawback with sharing a server with so many websites is a server is only as reliable as the scripts being written to it. If a particular website uses a bad script, it can take the whole server down. Your website will go down as well and through no fault of your own. Here is a short discretion about the different benefits of it, which also proves the efficiency of a managed hosting service.

Managing Administration:

Forget about daily maintenance, normal software updates, checks, and security issues with the managed dedicated servers. Each of these details is managed by the technical support team of the service provider company. Thus, you can be fully carefree about your server and its issues. This is the main advantage of a managed, dedicated server.

Cost Value

It is necessary to know that dedicated hosting, in general, is very costly shared hosting. The costs are also depending on the level of management required for your business. You will find that most providers offer different levels of management, with features such as software updates, security, monitoring, and technical support. Although some of these features come along with the service of the managed dedicated server, others require additional fees. Also, some expensive, dedicated hosting offers great value, as handing the bulk of the administration over to the provider also gives you the option to have enough control to effectively run your business. Because you don't have to shell out additional funds on technicians to maintain the equipment, this type of hosting can actually save you money over the long run.

Ease to Monitor Software and Hardware:

Monitoring your server is now simpler than before. A managed dedicated server is always monitored 24 * 7 by the server service providers and their staff. They guarantee the functioning of the server and keep a close eye on any possible software or hardware errors. Also, the technical staff stays attentive to any fault that occurs in the system and ensures that it is fixed instantly, without affecting the traffic of your online venture.

Batter Security:

A lot of managed dedicated server hosting packages includes a complete proof security monitoring system that keeps a check on the software updates and the new version. The technical staff managing such issues is well aware of possible errors and their solutions. Hence, they ensure that your sites stay safe from threats and attacks.

 Superior Performance:

If you pay higher than the normal servers, your sites get a range of extra advantages. A Free bonus, hardware and software optimization, application optimization, 24*7 tech support, and many more services can help your site stay functional and enjoy the full advantage of the hardware and software. Thus you are boosting your site performance.

Consistency and Stability:

 You can have a dedicated team of technical's and manager looking upright at the remote servers for every minute detail.

 Customer Support:

In the present time, a wide range of Server hosting companies offers a customer support package to their clients for their visitors at no extra charge. This provides support and also guarantee to the clients about their services at all times.


If you think that a shared host cannot meet the requirements of your business, a managed dedicated server is surely the way to go. Managed hosting gives your business the room it needs to develop while reducing the daunting tasks associated with maintaining a dedicated server.

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