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What is a cash buyer and how would they benefit me?


If you are looking to sell your house and would prefer not to deal with an estate agent and instead just want to sell quickly, then a cash buyer might be a good option for you. A cash buyer is someone who will pay the full asking price up front, meaning there is no need for them to worry about selling on your property or waiting for a cheque from the bank.

What is a cash buyer?

A cash buyer is someone who has money available to purchase a property immediately. Cash buyers are often investors, and they may want to buy your property with the intention of renting it out. If you have thought about selling your home but don't want to wait months for it to be sold through traditional channels, this is an option worth considering.

Why would I want to sell my property to a cash buyer?

There are a number of benefits to selling your property to a cash buyer, including:

  • Flexibility – A cash buyer can offer you more flexibility when it comes to the terms of your deal. This is because they do not need to rely on financing from an outside lender, so they may be able to close on their own without the assistance of an estate agent or mortgage broker. This means that you could sell your home quickly and avoid paying fees associated with these third parties (in addition, if you're planning on moving out soon anyways, avoid paying for an estate agent).
  • Quicker closing – Because cash buyers often don't have many strings attached in their purchase agreements, there's no need for them to go through multiple rounds of negotiations with lenders and other third parties before closing on a sale—they simply sign off the paperwork once everything has been agreed upon by both parties involved in the transaction. From start-to-finish this could take anywhere from 30 minutes up until several weeks depending on what kind of agreement has been reached between seller/buyer!
  • Paying all at once rather than monthly payments over time - This can help save money since there won't be any interest charges being added onto monthly payments over time (for example: $750 per month instead of $750 plus interest).

What kind of property might a cash buyer be interested in?

Cash buyers are looking for good value. They’re often investors looking to make a profit by doing some renovations, or they may be investors who have a particular property in mind that they want to turn into a rental property. They’re also interested in properties that need work—it could be as simple as updating the kitchen and bathrooms, or it could be something more complex like renovating an apartment building.

Also, since cash buyers are not relying on traditional financing from banks, they can purchase properties with less-than-perfect credit scores! In other words: cash buyers are the perfect solution for anyone who is unable to obtain traditional financing from a bank (due to poor or no credit) but still needs help buying their next home or investment property.

Why might a cash buyer make an offer below the asking price?

If a cash buyer is buying your home, they are likely in a hurry. They do not want to spend too much time dealing with the closing process and need to be able to close quickly. This means that there is less time for you and them to negotiate.

Home buyers also tend not to be concerned about the resale value of your home because they are looking at it as an investment rather than a purchase (even if it will eventually be sold). As such, they may offer you less than what you asked for because they know they can probably get that price when they sell it themselves later on down the road.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell your house, then selling it to a cash buyer could be the answer. However, be aware that they may not offer as much money as an estate agent would. But if it’s more important for you to sell your home fast, this is the key!

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