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We live in a highly digital world. And if you have ever made use of the internet then chances are that you might have had an interaction with a chatbot at least once. Hoping that your experience was as smooth as our’s was, chatbots have become a part of almost every modern-day brand. They are like the first place where a customer goes when they face a product-related issue or want to enquire something about a product.

Chatbots perform many duties. From answering customer-related queries and customer support to advertising your business, it takes care of a lot going on in a business. The impression cast by chatbots on new businesses can not be ignored anymore as we get to interact with them constantly. So, whether it is a food delivery company or a brand like Apple, they all have shown a trend of the shift towards chatbots. 

There are many benefits of chatbots  so, we have made a list of the top 3 as per the popular opinion of chatbots in 2021.

Let us begin!


As a brand, there is only a fixed amount of money one can spend on customer support. Especially if you own a small business then liquidity is already tight. Adding more burden can lead to a serious catastrophe. Therefore, chatbots are a necessity when it comes to saving money on operations. They can speed up the growth of your business and allow you to use your workforce where you actually need it. 


A company or a brand can not expect to grow without providing an excellent customer experience. This is where the main role of a chatbot comes into the picture. A chatbot does not rest and is available 24/7. This means that they can give high-quality, effective information to customers without wasting their time. Customers also like it because all the responses are customized depending upon the needs of the customer and there is no room for any sort of useless conversation. The customer is easily able to explain their issues and chatbots act accordingly. 


Constant interaction with the customers can have a bad impact on your workforce.  This is another place where one can make use of chatbots to reduce your company’s dependence upon the workforce and shift it to chatbots. Chatbots are well equipped to answer the common questions asked by the customers and can play a very valiant role in allowing your staff to rest. Also, as chatbots can replace humans, you can actually use your workforce to do something which has more of a higher value. 


Chat Bots are voice activated artificial intelligent chat assistants. They are not to be confused with the common chat bots that are on internet sites, chat rooms or social media sites. These are not only computers that can talk but are actual programs or software that can be connected to a computer and connected to other chat Bots or programs that are on the internet. These chat Bots are programmed to talk to customers on behalf of their businesses. The customers can then chat back or interact with the business owner or operator over the internet without having to talk to anyone (which is a huge advantage in customer service).

A lot of businesses are choosing to use chat bots because they offer a better way to get help from customers. There are thousands of customers online looking for answers to their questions. Having a chatbot give an instant response prevents the customer from waiting on a long queue for a live operator. Another benefit is that these programs are not only limited to answering simple questions but can also be programmed to search databases to get more information about a product or service.

Things to note when using chat bots

One thing to note when using chat bots is that there are two different types of speeds that they can be used at. The first is the fixed resolution speed where the chatbot will repeat a question that it has been asked to a single customer. This is the fastest speed but it is also the most likely to result in a non-responsive customer. Chats that are on the lower resolution level will not do as good of a job because they do not have the skills to repeat as many questions. Customers are more likely to get a personalized service if they are able to interact with a chatbot instead of just a simple yes/no answer.

Chat Bots are also used because they help improve customer service because the system is constantly being updated. Every time a new feature or product is added, the chat bots are able to detect it and add it to the database. When a new feature is released, older chats will recognize it and add it to the new system. This continues to build customer loyalty and awareness with a company by continually updating products and services. This helps improve customer satisfaction.

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