Benefits of Having a Credit Card


Personal financial gurus are investing a lot of effort to discourage and for good reason from using credit cards. Many of us carelessly utilize credit cards and end up with debt. In contrast to common convictions, however, you may pay considerably better by credit card than with a debit card provided you can utilise the plastics responsible and minimize cash purchases. A credit card offers many advantages. Let’s have a look. 

Why Do You Need A Credit Card? 


When you acquire a new credit card, there's nothing like a first bonus chance. Credit cards that provide bonus values of AED150 or higher can often be authorized by applicants with strong credit or exceptional credit to spend some money anywhere from AED500 up to several thousand in the first few months of the opening of the accounts. 

Other cards encourage candidates to receive bonuses or to redeem miles for holiday, gift cards, shopping, declaration loans or cheques. A regular debit card, on the other hand, is usually provided without an initial incentive or a constant possibility of earning income. 

Cashback Rewards 

Discover popularized the Cashback Credit Card for the first time in the US, with a simple idea: Use the card to pay 1% of your buys in a cash back format. 

The concept is now expanded and developed. Now some cards now provide 2%, 3% or even 6% cash back on certain transactions, even if these tempting offerings include quarterly or annual expenditure limits. The greatest cash back cards are those with low charges and interest and a large premium. 


Some cards, like the Fidelity Rewards card, provide a high 2% cash-back benefit rate for all costs, but you must directly deposit cash into a truthful account. 


It is simpler to avoid losses due to fraud by paying by credit card. When a criminal uses your debit card, your account immediately lacks money. Legitimate costs that you have planned online payments or postal checks may bounce up and cause inadequate financing fees and impact your loan. If not, payments late

or lost may reduce your credit score. Even if not your fault. It may take time to reverse fraudulent transactions and to reinstate money while the bank examines them. 

Easy and Quick Process 

Tell yourself to employ a tile setter at your entrance. The workers have to cut, measure, grout throughout the weekend, place the distances and tiles and let it all set. Then they charge you with AED4,000. 

You draw from and write a check on your savings account. But when, 72 hours later, the tile is changing and the grout has not yet set? What do you do? Your entrance is a total mess presently, and your vein will not quit pounding in your front. 

You can take the problem up with your State Licensing Committee, but it may take months and your money is still available to the contractor. 

That's why you should, if you can, pay using a credit card for a large bill like this. The issuer has a motive to deter fraud among its suppliers and has a mechanism to try to address it if there is a problem. 

More significant, if you contest the charge, the issuer of the card will not only redeem the money from the tile setter but may also be helped in finding a new entrepreneur. 


Mashreq bank offers various credit cards for its customers following their needs. Mashreq not only provides its customers with rewards and bonuses but also offer Samsung pay UAE. Mashreq believes in comfort and dedicated to its customers.