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Benefits of Having Plantation Shutters 

Sydney’s sunlight can sometimes become harsh. Since they are on the hotter side of the globe, farm owners and plant enthusiasts around the area often have a hard time taking care of their plants. This is where the effectiveness of plantation shutters come in.

Plantation shutters have been used for more than 2000 years. Though not as trendy as before, one can still see the shutters almost anywhere. People can find plantation shutters in Sydney getting used quite often.


What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters — also known as plantation blinds — are interior shutters with wider louvres than other blinds. In contrast to more modern window blinds and shutters, plantation blinds are more permanent. They are directly installed onto the window and are opened and closed like a door.

The Ancient Greeks first made the plantation shutters in 800 BC. As time went on, its popularity grew all throughout Europe. People eventually started using wood instead of marble because the latter option was considerably more expensive. Nowadays, people can find plantation shutters made of vinyl and aluminium, among other materials.

Plantation shutters did not get their name from the Ancient Greeks but from the American South. Rich farm owners used plantation shutters on their mansions located in the middle of large farms or estates (which were commonly known as plantations). The shutters’ widespread use in these plantations gave them their iconic name.


The Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Sydney Homes

These shutters are not only for aesthetic purposes. The original purpose of plantation shutters is to keep out sunlight. The louvres control the amount of sunlight that enters the household, keeping the home cool despite the outside heat.

The weather in South America is similar to Sydney’s climate: subtropical, temperate, and sunny all year round. This similarity means that homes in Sydney can experience the benefits South Americans once had in using these shutters.

Once installed, plantation shutters give homeowners more control over the indoor temperature by closing the shutters on hot days and opening them on cooler ones. Adding these shutters cools the home down by 45% without the use of energy, so homeowners can expect a much lower electric bill.

Not only do plantation shutters keep out the intense heat, but they also give privacy without the use of curtains. Since these shutters are permanent additions to houses, they can also increase the home’s value in case the owner decides to sell.


Installing and Caring for Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are relatively cheap and very easy to install, that even a beginner can do the whole thing in under an hour. The price of shutters in Sydney varies, but on average, they could cost around $20 for every square foot. The windows’ size, the number of shutters needed, and the shutters’ material may increase the cost of installation.

Plantation shutters are very easy to take care of. While curtains and plantation shutters have similar functions, the latter is simpler to clean. Cleaning the shutters only need a damp cloth and a little bit of time and effort.

Plantation shutters have been in use since 800 BCE and are popular all over the world. Despite their age, these shutters still enjoy widespread use in Australia and have never truly gone out of style.

Found in different shapes, colours, sizes, and materials, plantation shutters will be an attractive yet valuable addition to any home. Plantation shutters in Sydney are popular because they prove that their durability, usefulness, and beauty will stand the test of time.


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