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Benefits of Healthcare Apps During Covid-19


Due to COVID-19 whole world got affected. Countries like Italy, Spain, the US, and India almost surrendered to this global cataclysm. To stop the spread of the disease and to be safe, people prefer staying at home and recommending not to visit a hospital or medical shops. That's why nowadays there is a meteoric rise in the usage of healthcare apps.


Do You Know?


  • 60% of smartphone users downloaded a mHealth app to their mobile device.

  • Statista stated that the mobile health industry is predicted to reach a total market size of $72 billion by 2020 and is anticipated to grow continuously in upcoming years.


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Source: Statista


Do you have any idea why healthcare mobile apps usage is increasing in 2020?


Well, the medical applications are benefiting the users during the COVID19 pandemic, and this is the main reason for expanding the usage of medical apps.

Top 5 Benefits of Healthcare Apps during Covid-19

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Source: Google


Let here discuss how medical applications are benefiting peoples during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Healthcare Apps are a Blessing for Doctors & Nurses

For doctors, nurses, and medical staff, mHealthcare apps are profitable and benefiting by updating the patient's health-related information quickly.


Additionally, these healthcare mobile apps help you get doctor prescriptions, and it also empowers you to arrange all medical things at your zone of comfort.


The people who are locked down can quickly get treatment with the help of medical apps. This method offers your safe treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that's why people are recommending this procedure more. 


The healthcare app development companies are focusing on building impactful mHealth apps, and this not only helps you during this pandemic but will also support you in upcoming years.


  1. Mobile Healthcare Apps Can Reach Several Remote Areas


There are over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, and we all know that in smartphones, we can easily access medical applications. Nowadays, people who are connected with or living in rural areas are also using smartphones, so for them too, it will be easy to use healthcare mobile apps.


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Source: Statista

The medical apps not only benefit you in getting the treatment. But will also help in spreading awareness and recording the number of infected and recovered patients around the world. 


  1. Healthcare Apps are Bliss For Patients

The patient gets the largest benefits of mHealthcare apps as they get disease-related specialist's support at your zone of comfort. With the help of medical applications, the patient can talk to doctors on a video call and even share the reports on the same platform.

With COVID-19, doctors found the easiest way to communicate with the patients, and this also saves the doctors and patients time and money.

It is not simple to develop medical apps, but with the help of dedicated mHealth app developers, you can make the medical app development process easier. 

  1. IoT with Mobile Healthcare Apps

The combination of IoT technology with medical apps is offering mind-blowing results. Due to this fantastic approach, the task related to recording the number of the deceased and recovered patients becomes easier.

Additionally, in the healthcare sector, IoT has managed resources ingeniously. The list of hospitals, beds, ventilators, and others can be readily stocked with healthcare applications. And at this time, such apps are amazingly benefiting the patients, doctors, and other medical staff.

Well, the healthcare app development company offering the leading Healthcare app development solutions to build top-notch medical apps.

  1. Monitor Personal Health On Your Own


Good medical apps include multiple features that help patients in observing their own health. In such medical apps, you can check various parameters such as blood sugar, cholesterol, heartbeat, etc.

This time doctors and healthcare staff are facing a lot of difficulties in getting back to normal again. That's why during this struggling phase, the medical apps are also included as they can also play a significant role in benefiting the healthcare sector. 

Famous Healthcare Apps For Managing the Health and Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic

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During the COVID19 pandemic, several medical apps are discovered by the recognized healthcare app development companies. Let's view famous healthcare mobile apps that are currently used for Managing the Health and Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Apple COVID-19


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Source: Google


It is a very famous healthcare application that mainly helps users know about coronavirus updates and offers healthy recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other reliable sources. This application includes a screening tool that helps users to perform a health test.  




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Source: Google


This medical application allows you to create a patient profile where users can access their medical records. This medical app makes the patient and doctor work easier as it will enable users to upload the medical record, and viewing the same doctors can provide effective treatment to the patients. In this app, patients can search the doctors on the basis of specialization and location.


Health Tap



Source: Google


This popular medical app allows users to instantly get connected with the doctors on voice or video calls. If you are suffering COVID-19 disease, then you can immediately consult doctors via this healthcare mobile apps. The Health Tap virtual doctors are allowed to fill prescriptions, order lab tests, and refer you to experts; these all things can be performed over the phone.




In this tough time, mHealth apps are nowadays widely used by doctors, patients, and other users all over the world. That's why:


  • 36% of respondents consider the use of app-enabled patient portals is the most efficacious tool in patient engagement.

  • 93% of doctors believe that mHealth apps can improve the patient's health.


If you are running a small, moderate, and larger business, you can focus on developing the healthcare apps, which will benefit your organization. But for that, you need to select the recognized healthcare app development company to hire healthcare app developers.

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