Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Benefits of Implementing a Career Development Plan for your Employees

The high competitiveness that companies face today leads to the need to intensify efforts to improve the skills of human capital. In this sense, 84% of managers consider as a very important factor the introduction of training and personal development programs in a company.

Therefore, in order for the professionals' development policies to be successful, organizations must avoid outmoded methodologies and static approaches. As Ernesto Gore explains in Education in Business: Learning in Organizational Contexts, "training is potentially an agent of change and productivity, as long as it is able to help people interpret the needs of the context and adapt the culture. , structure and strategy (consequently work) to those needs

There are multiple benefits for companies that decide to implement the career and development plans for their work team, among others we present the following:

  1. Landmark Forum allows aligning the strategies of the organization with the personnel when preparing them in a better way for the positions that are planned that will be created by the company.
  2. Landmark forum allows the development of employees through promotions counting on human talent within the same company, identifying the requirements to access positions of greater responsibility.
  3. Landmark forum reviews reduces the turnover rate by providing employees with a work path of growth and a sense of security as well as by reducing the uncertainty about their professional development.
  4. It helps the company to have the ability to retain valuable human talent by providing development opportunities, avoiding that when they seek a change in their work they do so outside the organization.
  5. Increase the commitment and productivity of your employees by giving them more than tasks and activities, significant careers with goals to fulfill. This generates a feeling of recognition and appreciation on the part of the company towards their knowledge and effort.
  6. It reinforces the positive image of the organization when considered as a recommendable place to work since it cares about the development and welfare of its employees.

Remember that the important thing is to generate in your collaborators the culture that each person is responsible for the development of their own professional career using the tools that the company gives them to communicate their expectations and gather the knowledge and skills they need to reach higher positions. . On the other hand, it is recommended that organizations transmit to their collaborators in a clear manner the existing career paths, and seek to generate internal movements through promotions and calls, this in order to generate new learning opportunities and motivation for the work team .

Lean on first-class technological solutions at Warrior Forum such as Success Factors that will help you to carry out this process in a more efficient and coordinated way, so you can build solid foundations for the professional development of your human talent within the company and at the same time have the confidence to have a team prepared to grow together with the company.

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