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Benefits of Live Chat and Problems with Improper Implementation


Live chat is a revolutionary service that has made its way into the digital era of customer service. It is a blessing for any business which is heavily reliant on its website for its consumer base. Live chat is an online tool which is used for communication between two people. There are many independent studies and surveys that have proved that this leads to better and longer lasting services.

Benefits of Live Chat

While most companies and businesses have a hard time dealing with the expectations of their clients and consumers, live chat services like easyjet live chat are an easy way to go above and beyond them by providing prompt and personalized customer service.

1.    Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

The service of a live chat is built around customer satisfaction. Live chat is a service which offers various benefits: less time for solving issues, a personal touch, and easy to use. All of these features scream customer satisfaction. However, one of the biggest takeaways is the sheer interactive build of the service. The customer can use the live chat service without leaving their laptop or phone or any other device they may be using. They do not even have to switch between different apps or tabs to use the service. If photo sharing is allowed, screenshots of the various problems and tutorials can be shared from both the ends to solve problems easily. In fact, most of the businesses who have implemented these services have almost immediately reported an increase in both their revenues and sales.

2.    Prominent Issues Become Easier to Clarify

When you have the option to sort through data from email threads, recordings of customer service calls, and the transcripts of a live chat service, it is clear which is the easiest. It is easy to analyse those chats and find common problems which arise often and may be a deign flaw in reality. If it is not a design flaw, then it still manages to give you a proper response for the common problem.

3.    Overall Reduction of Expenses

There are a lot of live chat services like tui live chat services which you can use. A lot of them even give your agents an option to solve the customer’s issues without gaining any access to their profiles. Live chat services are much faster than email services, and faster than on-call help as well. The total equipment required for implementing a live chat service is very less and the training required to produce good agents is less as well. Moreover, due to the nature of these services, a single agent can handle way more customers at once than an agent on call. This again leads to lesser wait times. Since you will require fewer agents, it will also save you the hiring costs.

4.    The Pitfalls of Improper Implementation

As easy as it sounds, implementing a live chat service can still go wrong. However, there aren’t many problems which cannot be addressed. Let’s take a look at them:

·         Failure to Convert: Despite being interactive, if the representative from your end cannot provide accurate or helpful responses to your customer’s questions, they will not remain on your website for long. This can happen due to the lack of proper training in either handling customers properly or the training for your services and products.

·         Delayed Response: While live chat offers you the benefit of delivering responses faster, understaffing is still a problem. You will have to figure out a proper customer to representative ratio and then maintain a satisfactory amount of representatives at any given time. However, sometimes this may also be due to bad representatives which is again an issue which can be solved with training or replacement.


While most failings occur due to your representatives, some problems may lie inherently in your software as well. However, this doesn’t negate the benefits of live chat when implemented properly. It increases client satisfaction, increases revenue, decreases expenses, leads to longer relationships, and provides a good interface for you to interact with your customer. You should definitely give these feature a test run.

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