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Benefits of local landing pages for small business

We have all heard the phrase “The first impression is better.” While this holds true for most things in life, very few business owners realize how important the first impression of a brand is for customers. How you engage the first-time visitors of your website can either turn them into long-term loyal customers or completely drive them away from your brand.

In a lot of cases, landing pages give the visitors a glimpse of what your brand is all about - the personality of the brand, what the brand has to offer, why the customer should buy from your brand, etc. If executed properly, landing pages can provide helpful and relevant information and content, offer tangible next steps for further engagement, and give your brand insight into the visitor’s choices. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most important benefits of landing pages, especially for small businesses. But before we move on to that, let’s understand a bit more about what a landing page is.


What is a landing page?

If you search for the definition of landing pages on google, you will get tons of articles describing landing pages in various ways. But the easiest way to understand it is - a landing page is the initial point of contact between your website and the visitor. For example, they may have clicked on an ad that leads to your website or through organic search results.


Either way, what they see when they land on your website is called the landing page. Many brands add a contact form as a landing page. A contact form helps them get details of the visitor and makes it easier to reach them. However, not many customers would be interested in looking at a contact form as soon as they visit your website. Instead, they might just want to have a quick glance at your brand and what you have to offer. Therefore, it is important to understand what works best for your brand and experiment with different landing pages to see the results.


Benefits of a landing page


  • An excellent first impression: As we mentioned before, the visitor’s first impression can do a lot for your brand. And there are great chances that the visitor’s first experience with your brand will be on the brand’s website. Hence, landing pages serve as the first impression for most of your potential customers. Creating a landing page that provides value for the reader and offers tangible next steps has proven to improve click-through rates and conversions. 


  • Generating leads and conversions: By now, we know that landing pages help create more leads and improve conversion rates by a considerable margin. You may also include contact forms or downloadable assets on your landing page to get more sales leads and identify the most promising ones. 


  • Promoting new products and services: Landing pages also serve as a great way to launch new products and services for your own website. This way, your visitors stay up to date with what you are offering. In some cases, you can also have an introductory offer, giving discounts on your newest products and services. This way, more people end up staying on the website and browse for more products.


  • Instant credibility: When you develop a landing page for the visitor, you tend to hold the visitor’s attention and gain instant credibility in the visitor’s eyes. This is because the visitor develops faith in the brand, and you start a relationship based on thought leadership and trust. With multiple landing pages for specific niches, you can even solve many of the visitor’s problems and gain more loyalty points.


  • Improved SEO rankings: In the modern era, most businesses need to constantly generate relevant and quality content to keep up with SEO rankings. With a high-quality landing page, you can also leverage your SEO rank on the internet with various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search engines will rank the website in given search results based on the authenticity of your content. Therefore, a relevant landing page with organic and valuable content can immensely elevate your SEO rankings.


  • Increasing webinar engagements: Many small businesses also use landing pages to increase the attendance in their webinars. By simply adding a link to any of the blogs that discuss similar topics or directly to the sign-up page for the webinar, you can see significant changes in the number of people attending your webinars. As this number goes up, you will once again see higher conversion rates and a community of long-term loyal customers.

Landing pages are incredibly crucial for your business, create your own
b2b Marketplace theme and therefore you should get them right! We hope this article has given you a detailed idea about the benefits of having amazing landing pages. So go ahead and impress your potential customers! All the best!


Author Bio- Shashank Dubey, a contributor of Wbcom Designs is a blogger and a digital marketer. He writes articles associated with different niches such as WordPress, SEO, Marketing, CMS, Web Design, and Development, and many more.

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