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Benefits of Skip Hire in Chorley

If you’re based in Chorley and you need to remove a large quantity of household, garden or commercial waste in one go, there are a few options available - but opting for Chorley skip hire is the best choice every time.

 In this article, the team at Lostock Skip Hire - specialist providers of skip hire Chorley, Bolton and the surrounding areas - explain just a few of the benefits of using a service of this kind.

 Quick and Easy

 One of the main alternatives to skip hire is a number of trips to the tip. Driving forwards and backwards with your waste can be time consuming, stressful and damaging to your vehicle - and, particularly if you keep getting stuck in a queue - can cause needless pollution.

 By hiring a skip, you can store all of your waste safely in one location and, once you’ve filled the container, all you need to do is call your service provider and they’ll pay you a visit to collect all the rubbish as soon as possible.


We’ve all learned a lot of lessons from COVID-19 - which is why Lostock Skip Hire has continued to take the health of our employees and our clients more seriously than ever.

 Throughout the pandemic, we have observed proper social distancing, sanitising and the wearing of face coverings, and we will continue to be equally diligent as restrictions are lifted.

 You can rest assured - therefore - that we’ll be doing everything to keep you and your loved ones safe.

 Budget Friendly

 Local councils can be called upon to collect the likes of household and garden waste - but most authorities can only collect a very limited number of items at a time, and the cost quickly mounts up.

 When you hire a waste container from Lostock Skip Hire, you can choose a size that perfectly suits your project and budget. We offer commercial and domestic skips ranging from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, with prices starting from just £120 inc VAT for up to three weeks of hire.

 To make the most of our prices, we recommend that you select the biggest skip that seems suitable for your project, as this makes it far less likely that you’ll need to hire additional containers - something that will cost you much more.

 Exceptional Service

 The team at Lostock Skip Hire is well known for our polite, knowledgeable and proactive approach to skip hire. We’re always available to offer you any advice and guidance you need - plus, our additional services, like arranging a roadside skip permit on your behalf - will make your experience much more streamlined and less stressful. The best way to get rid of large amounts of garden waste in one go is to hire a waste container from a specialist skip hire company.



We’ve built this family-run business over decades - after launching in 1989 with just a single wagon - and we’re very proud of what we’ve become.

 To find out more about our services, to seek advice or ask any questions you may have - or to hire a skip - simply get in touch with Lostock Skip Hire today using our handy online contact form.

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