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Benefits of Using Fleet Cameras

If you have a fleet or if you run a company with a commercial fleet, there is a good chance you are continually dealing with questions regarding how to improve fleet performance, efficiency, and overall driver accountability.

To answer this question, more and more managers are investing in a high-tech vehicle camera system. If you spoke to a fleet manager who had already invested in this technology, you would likely hear about some of the biggest benefits they offer.

Like other fleet monitoring systems, you can use these to help reduce accidents and address other issues while saving lives and preventing fraud. When these cameras are combined with GPS tracking, they can also improve driver accountability and overall vehicle efficiency and serve as a training tool for drivers. Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits of these cameras.


Accident Recording and Insurance Benefits

When an accident involves a commercial vehicle, it can impact the entire fleet. Depending on the accidents' frequency or severity, it may wind up causing your fleet insurance premiums to go up. Even worse, ongoing accidents may put your company at risk for a liability claim.

With a dashboard-mounted camera, you can feel confident that the accident is recorded, which will provide evidence of what happened. This footage can also be beneficial when filing an insurance claim. This is a huge benefit for fleet managers, and those who have already implemented it swear by it.

Usually, the evidence is essential for defending any faulty claim and proving your fleet drivers' innocence. It can also be used to note any contributing factors that could have been involved with the accident, such as dangerous road conditions or adverse weather. When considered in this way, it makes it clear that dashcams provide you with a type of eye-witness evidence that can be replayed time and time again to ensure no details are overlooked.

Sometimes, the claim process for insurance can be drawn out when it relates to commercial vehicles. When you can provide your insurer with some type of visual evidence collected by the dash cam, it can help speed up the process. It can also be beneficial when it comes to negotiating a possible settlement.

As time passes, there is a possibility that insurance companies may begin to offer discounts to drivers and fleets that use dash cams. This is something that is already offered by some companies for GPS systems.


Reduce the Possibility of Accident Fraud

Inaccurate accident claims, liability fraud, driver fraud, and insurance scams are still a problem in and around the U.S., along with several other countries in the world. These types of behaviors are considered more likely if it relates to an accident involving some type of commercial vehicle.

Sometimes, this is related to scammers who believe that commercial fleets will have more money at their disposal for negotiation a court settlement. If you can demonstrate who was at fault and any other type of contributing factor from dashcam record images, you can defeat these types of fraudulent claims.

These are especially beneficial for defeating the scams that are known as a Crash for Cash, where the at-fault driver passes a larger, commercial vehicle that is actively slowing down. Once they pull in front of the truck, they slam on their brakes with the hope of being hit from behind.

Before, this was an accident that was difficult to defend. This would often lead to a commercial fleet having to pay a settlement out of court. However, if you have evidence from your camera, you can defend against this type of situation and avoid having to pay a settlement. In many cases, this factor alone makes the camera a smart and worthwhile investment.


Integrate the Camera with GPS Monitoring

Today, most fleet cameras will include GPS tracking technology or some type of GPS functionality. This makes it convenient for fleet managers to know where drivers are and what is always going on. This also helps ensure that the drivers are adhering to rules and regulations set by the company.

With onboard GPS tracking, it is possible to improve driver efficiency and review things like idle time and improve route planning. Thanks to the camera and GPS together, many fleet managers have seen improved driver accountability and a higher overall productivity level.


Invest in Fleet Cameras for These Benefits 

If you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, now is the time to invest in the best fleet cameras available. Doing so will pay off and help ensure your fleet operates efficiently and that drivers are held accountable for their actions. In the long run, this is an investment that is going to be more than worth it. Being informed is the best way to know if installing these cameras is a good idea for your fleet.


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