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Benefits of Vitamin B9 for Male and Females

Vitamin B9 or Folic/Folate is an essential element required by the body. Being a part of the B complex group. It helps in converting the consumed food in to energy and ensures effective use of the energy. B9 protects the vital organs from damage and may help in preventing chronic diseases to impact the essential functioning of these organs.

On a whole B9 prevents cardiac diseases, certain cancers and age related deterioration in the body. It also helps in psychological well-being of the consumer. Apart from the general advantages of folate intake; Vitamin B9 is specifically prescribed for its added advantage particularly pertaining to the specific gender. These include:

  • Benefit for Males

  • Aids In Preventing Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a persisting condition found in numerous men across the globe. It is the lack of penetration due to insufficient firmness in the penis required to complete the act of physical sex.


While occasional bouts of non erection is not considered to be a problem, frequent spasms of the condition is a cause of alarm as it is detrimental both physically and mentally for the sufferer.
The ailment of Erectile Dysfunction mostly occurs due to a physical or psychological issue in the body or conscious. In Australia more than one million men suffer from ED!

At times ED is the result of an underlying issue, rather than being a problem itself. Folate helps in strengthening the cardiac function and boosts the brain power along with keeping negativity and depression at bay. All of these are the major factors of ED. Regular intake of folate within the prescribed range help in preventing these issues; thus indirectly it aids in preventing ED.

If the issue still persists medical help should be sought to find solutions. The use of oral medicines is the foremost solution prescribed for ED. Sildenafil, stendra, vardenafil and tadalafil in numerous generic and non-generic versions are available on prescription globally along with Australia. These include the likes of Viagra 100 – 150 mg, Cialis 5 – 40 mg, priligy 60 mg, kamagra jelly and numerous others.   

You can even get these medicines at your doorstep in Australia. Click this Oz Meds Online and get connected to one of the most authentic online suppliers in Australia.

Other treatments include the use of devices like pump and rings along with surgical solutions and implants.

  • Benefit for Females

  • At The Time Of Conception And During The Course Of Pregnancy

Folate is a complete package of nutrients and energy for women trying to conceive or during the course of pregnancy. It provides the body with the required energy and minerals to sustain the entire process. It also provides the prenatal protection against various ailments and delays which they might face in their life ahead.

Folate basically aids in a healthy production, division and ultimate supply of red blood cells across the prenatal body. It ensures proper supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the prenatal from the conceived body for it to grow in a healthy manner.

Natural Sources of B9

  • Dairy elements

  • Egg

  • Specific parts of protein

  • Green vegetables

  • Beans

  • lentils

  • Peanuts

  • Some fruits specifically oranges and strawberries

  • Wheat grains

Medically Provided Solutions to Overcome Lack Of B9

  • Tablets and supplements

  • Injections

  • Intravascular drips

Problems In Case of Vitamin B Defeciency

Vitamin B deficiency can lead to problems in the body including:

  • Lethargy and constant tiredness

  • Eating issues/disorders

  • Brain functioning problems

  • Extreme deficiency of iron in the body

  • Indigestion and other problems related to the digestive tract.


So consume a balanced diet with the prescribed amount of vitamin B9 and live a healthy, happy life!


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